Sunday, 16 August 2015

Mars Warhound No3890 - Venator Lupus, Legio Kurogane

Certificate number: 3890
Titan Name: Venator Lupus (Hunter Wolf)
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warhound
Primary Armament: Double Barreled Turbo Laser Destructor and Plasma Blastgun 
Princeps: Gaius Gladius 
Titan Legio: Legio Kurogane
Demi Legio: Unknown
Battle Maniple Composition: WLT501, MRT2343, MWH3890, LWH729, Kurogane Titan Guard, assisting Freeblade Knights

Owner: Classified
Location: Louisiana, USA
Comments: Due to time constraints, paint work was done by an outside source (Josh A.), not by myself.  Chipping damage and other decals have been added since this work as a sign of the Titan's ongoing deeds.

Photos:  See attached pict feeds


Hello everyone. Venator Lupus is complete.

{I really love how the flat areas on this Titan have been broken up with the techniques in the painting, I would love to see you have a full maniple one day in these colours T.O.C}

The decals from FW were worth every bit.  The Senior Princeps badge looks great next to the Titan's name and the warning decals are just perfect.  In case you're curious, the eagle shin guard has GRAIA on it because Forge World Kurogane itself is unable to produce its own Titans.  The Forge World receives the Titan frames from Graia and inducts them into the Legio Kurogane.  I'm beyond excited about how this has turned out.  A second Warhound is DEFINITELY on the list of wants now and maybe some of the Blood Angels upgrades they released recently.

A mean looking Warhound! The paint scheme complements the Warhound so well.

A great stance.

 Weapons are raised for the kill.

 The large panels are broken up by the painting techniques used.


A great looking Engine, hope there will be more of Legio Kurogane in the future.


Status correct as of 16/08/2015

Here we have a further update. The engine has been posed and is nearing the painting stage. 20/08/2015

Venator Lupus has entered the painting stage now. Looking very good. 

The Flames are very well painted. 

Deadly loadout and dynamic pose. 

Updated as of 31/08/2015

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  1. Nice to see Louisiana represented with the titan! Keep the pics coming

    1. The Titan's painting was completed on Monday actually. I'll be picking it up from my painter tonight and sending Drake the pictures.

    2. nice! maybe one day when i get settle on an army we can schedule a game haha

    3. I would welcome the opportunity if we can make it work.

  2. Lovely work! This engine came out really nicely! Out of curiosity, what does Kurogane mean? I'm assuming kuro is black, but gane I am struggling with. Is it like the gane in mokume-gane? Something like "black steel" or "black metal"?

    Anyway, lovely work. I have the highest respect for anyone who can paint white. I can never get it to turn out, and this looks really nice. As mentioned elsewhere the black flames really do a nice job breaking up the profile. Really cool!

  3. Kurogane is actually the Japanese word for iron. :)

    In this case, the white is actually a bone/cream color. The paint scheme is heavily influenced by Legio Fureans, but makes use of color swaps and will eventually had Legio iconography.