Friday, 2 October 2015

Lucius Warhound No141 - Calvarium Canis, Legio Fureans

Number: 141
Name: Calvarium Canis
Pattern: Lucius Pattern
Armament : Turbo laser Destructor and Plasma Blast gun
Princeps: Jaxxor Han
Legio: Legio Fureans

Demi Legio: 
Battle Maniple composition: Warhound 141 and 

Owner: Matt W
Location: Bristol, UK
Battle Honours: Due to its troubled inception, Calvarium Canis has yet to receive any formal honours, but hopes to rectify this during its first engine walk at the Throne of Skulls, alongside the World Eaters 121st Shock Brigade



Another fantastically represented Titan from Matt. Thanks for sharing. 

Look for it on the battlefields of Throne of Skulls this Weekend.


  1. Nice looking wolf class, shame they ditched the lucuis pattern. The eyes of Horus are good, are they free hand or transfers?

  2. They're freehand, but I did pick up some Fureans transfers from Warhammer World this weekend! The Warhound also got a game against Mechanicum, where it smashed a Macharius Omega tank and a *lot* of evil robots.