Thursday, 5 November 2015

Reaver Titan No182 - Anima Messor, Legio Stella Messor

Certificate Number: 182
Titan Name: Anima Messor (Soul Reaper)
Pattern: Mars Pattern
Primary Armament:  Missile Launcher, Gatling  Blaster, Laser Blaster
Princeps:  Thes  Yttaeb
Titan Legio: Stella Messor (Star Reapers) This legion is Fleet Based when there Forge World was consumed by a Tyranid Splinter Fleet. They reside aboard the Irritum Rex ( Void King). The Legio has adopted the moniker Quod Serimus (The Cloudless)

Battle Honors: 
Destroyed a Brass Scorpion and Hundreds of Demon's in its first Battle. Suffered wounds to Eldar forces only to account for them as well before shutting down due to reactor damage. 

Owner: Unknown as of 23/02/2016
Location: Unknown as of 23/02/2016
Comments: Owned the Titan for several years but just only recently painted it. It has been around the world.



A Great homebrew Colour scheme! Well done.

The Symbol we love

Great text work and symbol

A lovely dynamic pose

Clean and crisp

The Chevrons compliment the green very well . . . Hope to see a Maniple of this Legio!


Looks like a great place to game!

Thanks for sharing.

Titan Owners Club

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