Thursday, 22 September 2016

Update Warlord No.160- Costodes Aquilonem, 22-9-16

Recently Heiko sent along some news regarding his Warlord Titan and that after a year it's been completed.  Congratulations to Heiko on this wonderful milestone and below you can see his hard work.


Very well done internals.

Weapons locked and ready to annihilate the foe.

All around very well done, suitably weathered, and looking mighty.

There is no question as to where this Titan's allegiance is.

The care and effort on this Titan really shows.

Very well done leg armor.

Plenty of kill markers and honors adorn the gun shields.

The all important void shields are powered and ready to go.


  1. The weathering on this guy is awesome. What's the almost red-brown color on some of the toes? How did you get that? I've seen that before and I really like it. Ira Deorum has something similar in places. It's really effective. though I would never immediately think of that color to represent metal, it works! I've been fooling around with glazes over metal to give the steel some depth. Not sure I've really figured that out yet.

    I'm a little surprised that there isn't a moderati peeping out from somewhere - based on your last couple of engines I was sure there would be!

    Beautiful work. The Warlords are just amazing. Hope to do one some day down the line!

    1. Not ready yet. I'm not daring to open the top hatch. But maybe there will be a priest, or a servitor coming out there one day.

  2. Amazing work!! The weathering is stunning; the care and extreme talent evident on every surface! I only wish I had that kind of wherewithal...

  3. Brilliant Warlord! Great weathering all over!