Saturday, 8 October 2016

Legio Phasmatis Painting Guide Part II

Nathanuel sent on Part II of his Legio Phasmatis painting guide, this time covering the green marble work that adorns that lovely God-Engines of the Legio.

Thank you for sending these on to be shared with the TOC.

Tutorial: Green marble armour plating:

0. What you will need: 

1. Undercoat spray Rustoleum brown, then a second light coat of Citadel Chaos Black

2. Airbrush: aerocolor opaque white airbrush with zenithal highlights.

3. Add tonal variations: lightly airbrush aerocolor fleshtone, then gradually add white to airbrush pot. Add various layers of lighter color, letting underneath show through slightly. 

4. Watermarking: mix 2 drops aerocolor flesh tone + 2 drops brown ink, add ~1 teaspoon water. Sponge paint (with a long slender sponge piece) using tweezers to make marks that are roughly aligned (following a natural diagonal). With a still-wet wash brush, gradually (as the water is drying, but before it drys completely) blend edges to keep some, but not all, watermark edges. 

5. Draw (using 0.3mm lead mechanical pencil) very light cracks 

Use fine detail brush to paint Gryphonne Sepia over pencil lines (keep it very, very thin), forming some new lines and varying the line thickness. With the same brush, paint brown ink in small spots, at intersections, and in various small lines. Again with the same brush, paint white in very, very thin lines and small dots, sometimes following the watermark edges.

6. Gloss coat with airbrush: vallejo gloss varnish + thinner medium.

7. Oil paint wash using thinned oil paint (Winsor and Newton 'Winsor green' + GAMSOL pure odorless mineral spirits), following the techniques in FW MC vII.

8. Paint gold banding. 

Excellent painting guide and very useful. - TOC


  1. I think I read step 4 about as many times before it clicked what was going on here. Thank you so much for sharing these techniques.

  2. This is utter amazeballs. Thank you so much!