Monday, 17 October 2016

Walk After-Action Report- Legio Northguard Battle!

Heiko sent us some pictures recently regarding a battle he was able to take part in using ALL of his lovely God-Machines.  We didn't receive a narrative or bullet points for this one and it looks like the battle itself was quite interesting, so we wanted to share what we got with you.  

Someone is contemplating some serious evil.



Lots of big guns!

Legio Northguard sees support from the Imperial Fists and an attendant Knight house.

The pride of the Legio's forces stands ready to send all to a grave of ash.

Titans!  Titans everywhere!

Thanks for sharing this with us, great to see several Engines running around. - TOC


  1. That looks like a fantastic time! What splendid Gawd Mawchines!! Thanks for sharing this vision with us.

  2. Awesome table as well. I see so many oop forgeworld im crying a little inside. Thanks for the share!