Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Mars Warhound No.4721- Oculis Imperatoris, Legio Vindictus

Certificate Number: 4721
Titan Name: Oculis Imperatoris
Pattern: Mars Pattern Hyena Configuration
Primary Armament: Plasma Blastgun, Turbo Laser Destructor
Princeps: The Rose Clan
Titan Legio: Vindictus
Battle Maniple Composition: As of now the Titan will be accompanied by a Knight Banner of House Cadmus.

Owner: Joseph L.
Location: Connecticut, USA
Comments: I have purchased a Warhound titan Hyena configuration.  It is my first titan and wont be the last.  My Titans will be from Legio Vindictus i am a HUGE Raven Guard guy.  To accompany my Titan i will be running a Knight Banner from House Cadmus.  There will be a Knight Lancer a Gallant and Crusader to accompany the Warhound on its hunting expedition. So lets get down to the name and all the good stuff !!! [Glad to hear it- TOC]



An amazingly well done engine!  The battle picture looks really nice as well.

Engine up to date as of 4-3-18.


The Rite of Construction overseen by a Tech Priest Dominus.

A base may already be being planned for.

A lot of dry fitting and planning for the hips.

Pins in the hips to keep that critical join strong.

The Rite of Colours begins!

Very well broken up colors and use of metalics.

Many different metallics will be used and at points that will make them interesting.

Very lovely start to the legs.

And a magnetized torso.

The start of the main body.

And the legs keep making good progress too.


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    1. Thanks Siph working my tail off its such a amazing thing to build truly, i will be dumping some updates rather soon i have all lower armor plates battle field ready and chipped and muddied up.