Friday, 24 July 2015

Welcome to Titan Owners Club

Hello everyone and welcome to Titan Owners Club. 

This club has been set up for owners of official Forge World Battle Engines to share their projects and works for the Titan loving community to see. It will be used as a repository, only sharing information you want to have shared. Ideally every Titan that has or will ever be purchased will end up recorded on this site, detailing:

Titan Name: The name of the Battle Engine
Pattern: The Chassis type (Mars-Alpha, Mars Pattern, Lucius Pattern). 
Head Unit: Warlord Titans only, Mars-Alpha or any of the new heads coming out. 
Primary Armament: What weapons the Engine is equipped with. 
Princeps: The name of the commanding Princeps
Titan Legio: The Legio it is part of. 
Demi Legio: what other Titans you have including official Certificate references, these will be linked to your other Titans. 

Owner: Your name
Location: Location of the Titan (preferably City/Town and/or Country - but can be however you want it to be displayed including "Classified"). This will be viewable by anyone who enters the site and wishes to view your Titan.
Comments: Do you have any comments about the engine. 
Photos: All Photos you may have of this Titan (and Demi Legio / Skitarii Warhost), during any and every stage of it's construction, painting (including paint guide if you wish), showcase pictures (preferably against a white wall etc) and Battle Pictures. 

A Photo of the certificate must be taken to authenticate your Titan. If two people try to authenticate under the same certificate then we will contact both owners for additional photographic proof.
All of this information you provide is visible to the community (apart from the certificate photo) and needs to be updated if your Titan changes owner. 

Why join Titan Owners Club? 
Mainly to share your work with other Titan lovers and to build a community around these Battle Engines. There will be a downloads section which will feature many downloadable documents and plans. 
Also, no Owners Club is complete without a host of events. We will endeavour to have gigantic Titan Battles for which only official Titans and Club members will be able to have access to. 

We hope you consider this site as a worthy resource as we catalogue the World's Battle Engines. 

Titan Owners Club. 

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