Knight Banner Owners

Below is a list of all registered Knight Banner Owners in the club.

This membership is open to owners of a completely built and painted Knight Banner.  A Knight Banner is a formation of 3 or more Knights.  These are fearsome forces and can easily overpower larger Titans in the right circumstances. 

For Banners we accept 3+ fully painted models of the following types:
- Imperial Knights and *Armigers (any variants)
- Ork Stompas, Gork/Mork-anauts, and *Megadreads mobs 
- Eldar Wraith-knights
- Mix of Tau Riptide (and experimental variants), Storm Surge and Supremacy suits

*Armiger and Megadread must be accompanied by an Imperial Knight or Stompa or Gork/Mork-anauts.

To be add
ed to this list:Please send a picture of your completed Knight Banner and enough information to fill out the details below. You can also update this status at any time, adding more Knights, photos of Banners, sale of the Knights and more.

Banner Name: These are named after the Lead Knight (eg. Banner "TOC").
Seneschal: The name of the Commanding Seneschal / High King / Baron

Knight Seneschal: Knight chassis and weapon load out (piloted by the Seneschal)
Knight Scion: Knight chassis and weapon load out
Knight Scion: Knight chassis and weapon load out etc.
Armiger Squire: Any Armigers in training to become Knights

Knight House: The house that the Knight banner is affiliated to.
Titan Allies: Do you own any Titans? If so what are their registered references?
Owner: Your name or moniker. We will only display your name as you specify but only initial on surname.
Location: The county the Knight Banner is located.
Comments: What comments or interesting tidbits do you have on your Knights?

Photos: Any completed and or work in progress photos (preferentially against a white backdrop or on a battlefield). If you want to write painting guides please feel free.

Knight Banner List:
KS0001 - Mourning Orphan, House Morbidia - Sir Gary C, Cornwall, UK
KS0002 - Lances of Roderick, House Raven - Sir Jan B, Hamburg, Germany
KS0003 - Banner Moirai, House Kildare - Sir Dono1979, Canberra, Australia
KS0004 - Third Exalted Court, House Raven - Sir John P., Illinois, USA 
KS0005 - Opprimo, House Makabius - Sir Redscorps, Perth, Western Australia
KS0006 - Iron Hail, House Hawkshroud - Sir Troy C., Connecticut, USA
KS0007 - Calculo, House Taranis - Sir Rene-Philippe G., Ottowa, Canada
KS0008 - The Spear-Tip, The Knights of Fureans - Sir Yann H., France
KS0009 - Exalted Order Of Ravens, House Raven - Sir DJ M., Connecticut, USA 
KS0010 - Lady of the Rose, House Cadmus - Sir Josif R., Connecticut, USA
KS0011 - N/A, House Makabius - Sir Simon W., Essex, UK.
KS0012 - Fraterri Fidelis, Legio Fidelis - Sir A.P. Herbert, USA
KS0013 -  The Fire Storms of Rexis, House Taranis - Sir JC P., Louisiana, USA
KS0014  - House Terryn Tybalt, House Terryn - Sir John H., Wiltshire, UK
KS0015 - The Seeking Blades, Legendary Free Blades - Sir Samuel " Nusquam", Vermont, USA.
KS0016 - Lance of Rebirth, Freeblades - Sir Trey B., Louisiana, USA
KS0017 - Black Forest Bulwark, House Kreil - Sir Robert C., Texas, USA
KS0018 - First Crucible, House Magi - Sir Jon K., Texas, USA
KS0020Lance of the Fire Eclipse, House Sestertiarios - Lord Halfpenny, Dorset, UK 
KS0021The Joyful Companions, Freeblade Company (Hawkshroud) - Sir Alex T., California, USA
KS0022The Princes' Court, Vassal Knights of Legio Fureans - Sir Yann H., Niort, France
KS0023Hipatia's Rage, House Makabius - Sir Nitecs, Barcelona, Spain
KS0024 - Knights Templar, House Knights Templar - Pope Gregory, USA
KS0025The King's Hunt, House Hawkspyre - Scott S., Texas, USA
KS0026Canticum Exercitum, House Veridan - Sir Austin P., Texas, USA
KS0027 - Cogadh Dearg, Griosach Dhearg - Sir Stuart L., Devon, UK
KS0028 - Faces of Chaos, House of Skulls - Sir Andy J., Starnberg, Germany
KS0029 - Omnissiah's Will, House Tenebris - Sir Hector C., Malaga, Spain
KS0030 - Undergoing the Rites of Construction - Col. Hertford
KS0031Banner Meteor Encarmine, The Confederacy of Zeon - Sir Scott J., Louisiana, USA
KS0032 - The Warmaster's 10th, House Makabius - Sir Phoenix, Kent, UK
KS0033 - The Emperor's Halo, Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum - Princeps Seniores Siph, Hampshire, UK 
KS0034 - Court of Kamelot - SamuraiJordan, Indiana, USA
KS0035 - Court of The Fisher King, Knights of Corbenic - Goddenzilla, South Yorkshire, UK
KS0036 - Blade of Change, Warp's Embrace - Lyle K., California, USA
KS0037 - Daemoninum ab Machina, House Aeterna - William S., Florida, USA
KS0038 - Omnissiah's Wrath, House Taranis - Nina S., North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
KS0039 - The Cerberii Company, House Terryn - Keenan C., Arizona, USA
KS0040 -  Chassuer Raisa, House Cadmus - Jim D., Texas, USA
KS0041 - Banner of Sir Orpheus, House Leonis, Russell J., California, USA

Xenos 'Knight' Banner List:
XS0001 - Triumvirate of Spirits, Craftworld Amethyst - Rose B., Louisiana, USA
XS0002 - Group Avenger, Sept Fal'Shia - Andrew K., Wisconsin, USA
XS0003 - Iron 'eads, Iron Mongers - Kyle B., Maryland, USA

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