Knight Owners

Below is a list of all registered Knight Banner Owners in the club.

This membership is open to owners of a completely built and painted Knight Banner.  A knight banner is a formation of 3 or more knights.  These are fearsome forces and can easily overpower larger titans in the right circumstances. 

For banners we accept 3+ fully painted models of the following types:
- Imperial knights (any variants)
- Ork Stompas mobs
- Eldar Wraith-knights
- Mix of Tau Riptide (and experimental variants), Storm Surge and Supremacy suits

To be added to this list please Email Us ( with a picture of your completed Knights Banner and enough information to fill out the details below. You can also update this status at any time, adding more knights, photos of Banners, sale of the Knights and more.

Banner Name: These are named after the Lead Knight (eg. Banner "TOC").
Seneschal: The name of the Commanding Seneschal
Knight Seneschal: Knight chassis and weapon load out
Knight Scion: Knight chassis and weapon load out
Knight Scion: Knight chassis and weapon load out
Knight House: The house that the Knight banner is affiliated to.
Titan Allies: Do you own any Titans? If so what are their registered references?
Owner: Your name or moniker. We will only display your name as you specify but only initial on surname.
Location: The county the Knight Banner is located.
Comments: What comments or interesting tidbits do you have on your Knights?

Photos: Any completed and or work in progress photos (preferentially against a white backdrop or on a battlefield). If you want to write painting guides please feel free.

Knight Banner List:
KS0001 - Mourning Orphan, House Morbidia - Sir Gary C, Cornwall, UK. (QEr / Qma / QCr)
KS0002 - Lances of Roderick, House Raven - Sir Jan B, Hamburg, Germany.(CLa / QPa / QWa / APo)
KS0003 - Banner Moirai, House Kildare - Sir Dono1979, Canberra, Australia. (CAt / CCa / CAc)

APo - Acastus Knight Porphyrion
CAt - Cerastus Knight Atropos
CAt - Cerastus Knight Acheron
CCa - Cerastus Knight Castigator
CLa - Cerastus Knight Lancer
QSt - Questoris Knight Styrix
QMa - Questoris Knight Magaera
QCr - Questoris Knight Crusader
QPa - Questoris Knight Paladin
QEr - Questoris Knight Errant
QGa - Questoris Knight Gallant
QWa - Questoris Knight Warden

Note 1: Seneschal is in bold
Note 2: Unfinished extra knights in red

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