Wednesday, 8 August 2018

KS0014 - House Terryn Tybalt, House Terryn

Today's post is about the first House Terryn Banner on the club. Sir John H has shared his great House Terryn force. - TOC

Banner name: House Terryn Tybalt.
Seneschal: Tybalt, Fury of Voltoris.
Knight Seneschal: Tybalt, Fury of voltoris, Knight Warden. Iron storm missile pod, Avenger gatling cannon and Thunderstrike gauntlet.
Knight Scion: Artemidorus, Unbowes, knight Crusader. Stormspear rocket pod, Rapid-fire battle cannon with heavy stubber. Avenger gatling cannon.
Knight Scion: Tarus, Honorur intractable. knight Errant. Twin icarus autocannon, Thermal cannon, Thunderstrike gauntlet.
Knight Scion: Balhazar, Ever-stalwart. Knight Paladin. Twin icarus autocannon, Rapid-fire battle cannon, Reaper chainsword.
Knight Scion: Darius, Intolerant. Knight Warden:  Avenger gatling cannon,  Reaper chainsword.
Knight house: House Terryn.
Titan allies: Warlord cert 000592. Reaver Titan cert 1947 (Legio Astorum)

Owner: John H
Location: Swindon, Wiltshier, UK.
Comments:  As you can see I took the inspiration from the old knights codex.  There was an armies on parade comp coming up last year and decided that as the knights are such a good kit along with the background in the codex and the colours are very similar to Legio Astorum it all fitted in nicely. I tried to copy the codex with all the decals and details. the only extra part was the forgeworld up grade kit on Tybalt. Not all of it just the shoulder pads and chest plate, the rest didn't quiet fit in.


  1. I really like these!

  2. Lovely John! Did I see these at TOC Walk UK?

    1. Yes, I was there. getting shot at all day.. It was a great day. cant wait till the next.

  3. Beautiful paintwork; very crisp and clean - great work! :)

    1. Thank you.. Its nice to know others like my work.