Sunday, 12 July 2020

Update - Warlord Titan No.578 - Aquila Victrix, Legio Astorum - 12-Jul-20

Princeps Christian had been using his time in 'Lockdown' to good titan related effect and progressed with Aquila Victrix "Using the lockdown and the great weather to do the Omnissiah's work, I am happy to report good progress with Aquila Victrix and her Crew. I have finished most of the blue and yellow of the Armour Plates, as well as both Command Decks. Hoping to start on the metal work soon. Considering the size of this model, I have decided to work on the superstructure out on my balcony. As soon as I am done with the metallics, I will start with the gold trims. I plan to use Vallejos' Liquid Gold "Rich Gold" as a base and then do a oil wash, like Drake did on his Titans."

Update Photos

Friday, 10 July 2020

Mars Warhound Titan No.5950 - Veredus Luna, Legio Astris

Certificate Number: 005950
Titan Name: Veredus Luna
Pattern: Mars-Alpha Warhound
Head Unit: N/A
Primary Armament: Plasma Blastgun (and yet to be fabricated)
Princeps: Pytor Albaris
Titan Legio: Legio Astris
Battle Maniple Composition: N/A

Owner: Peter LM
Location: Greater Manchester, UK
Comments: Very much a work in progress.


Big red box o'joy! We look forward to seeing progress as you undergo the Rites of Construction and Rite of Colour.

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph, TOC UK/EUR Admin

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Adeptus Titanicast: USA Episode 2 - How Will Titans Function in 9th Edition

We're just a few days away from out 9th Edition pre-orders of 40k and we're trying our best to figure out how our Titans will fare.  Princeps Robert and Shadow sit down and talk about what they think the core rules of the new edition might portend for our beloved resin engines.  We even talk about how Legio Astorum can more or less teleport into battle using the new Reserves rules.

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

KS0032 - The Warmasters 10th, House Makabius

"This is just the Start of my House Makabius Banner that will walk with the Warmaster Horus and my XVIth legion along with Legio Mortis! - For Lupcal! For the Warmaster!!!!" - Sir Phoenix

Banner Name: The Warmasters 10th “Horus’s Own!”

Seneschal: Tiberillus Artemona (m)

Knight Seneschal: Acastus Knight Porphyrion "Warmasters Spear"
Knight Scion: Vorenia Cyprius (f), Dominius Knight Castellan "Iron Blade"

Knight Scion: 
Telestis Marsus (m), Questoris Knight Errant "Bruticus"
Knight Scion: 
Alcmena Allectus (m), Questoris Knight Paladin "Righteous Beast"
Knight Scion: Lena Perennis (m), Questoris Knight Crusader "Deaths Avenger"
Knight Scion: Vinicia Lucius (f), Armiger Warglave "Bloody Truth"
Knight Scion: 
Seia Pansa (f), Armiger Warglave "Bloody Curse"

Knight House: House Makabius

Owner: Phoenix Bondi
Location: Kent, UK

We Survived a Blood Civil War, fighting our own for the materials we needed for our engines. We Were “Invaded!” we failed to defeat the forces of the Imperial Fists. Per word of our leader, Sirus Lethale, he Challenged the 7th legion to an open battle to decide the fate of Baroda; The pride of his house against that of the VIIth legion. We failed! So as terms of our defeat we Joined the Imperium of Man - They Failed US! We had to Battle for our upgrades, they arrived to our Planet from the forge world of Mezoa Slowly, a trickle, in dribs and drabs, it was a Joke! Many of us splitting from our house and going to war with any Imperium fleet that passed our planet just so we could get a taste of the action. We were lucky to get out in time before the planet scion ban was imposed to supposedly gather forces on the planet instead of us all being divided. We were the last! My Banner was lucky enough to meet up with Lord Protector Markan as his 2nd division. We lucky few joined the Horus and his Luna Wolves. It was during the Pacification of Skarron, Where the actions of Markan Hrotham turned the tide of battle, laying low several of the skittering multi-legged automata that defended the debased forge-crypt. We turned what seemed to be a Rare defeat for the Luna Wolves into a resounding victory. We gained favor with Abaddon first captain of the Luna Wolves and we earned a place within that expeditionary force’s upper echelons.

After Horus Promotion to WARMASTER and the Luna Wolves became the SONS OF HORUS I was Given command of a Banner of Knights from House Makabius, while our leader went back to Boroda to make sure the entire house supported the Warmaster, and to stomp out any opposing forces ready for the coming campaign that the Warmaster was planning. We are the Warmasters 10th, Horus’s own! We are to be deployed to Beta-Garmon. 

Please Note: Real history behind the name, a very good friend and Former manager of Games workshop, Bluewater and Bexleyheath; Chris Booth passed away a few years ago and was a very close friend and mentor, he owned a club in Bexleyheath called the Emperors 10th, after he died we moved to a new army cadet hut ran by his 2nd Doug, and as a honor to Chris we called it CBO - Chris Booths Own. So i transfixed it for my Banner with remembrance to him.


Monday, 6 July 2020

Update - Warlord Titan No.370 - Fidei Retorta, Legio Mortis - 6-Jul-20

Princeps Pheonix has sent in the latest updates to Warlord No.370, now with a suitable name, "Fidei Retorta" meaning "Twisted Faith" which we think is a great name for this once noble now fallen Engine of Legio Mortis!

 The weathered superstructure is complete
 A fine Mars Beta Head and nice gold detailing on the superstructure
 Armour plates receive their Rites of Colour

Shaping up nicely 
 Great chevron work

 Legs with the characteristic wide Greaves now completed with the exception of some decals and knee heraldic designs
 Almost completed, awaiting its Primary Armaments
Superb work Princeps Pheonix, she will soon Walk for the Warmaster against the followers of the Corpse God... ahem, I mean loyal Imperium!

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph, TOC UK/EUR Admin

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Lucius Warhound Titan No.688 - Ascenditur, Legio Crucius

Certificate Number: 688
Titan Name: Ascenditur
Pattern: Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan 
Primary Armament: Dual Turbo Laser Destructor, Titan Vulcan Mega-Bolter
Princeps: #CLASSIFIED#
Titan Legio: Legio Crucius (The Warmongers)
Battle Maniple Composition: Mars Warhound (2773); Lucius Warhound (688)

Owner: Christopher P. 
Location: New York, USA
Comments: Engine is currently being repainted and is a WIP.

Great progress has been made so far, gorgeous dark and brooding scheme.
Great to see another of the Lucius Warhound's registered, thank you Princeps Christopher.

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph, TOC Admin

Friday, 3 July 2020

Titan Owner Interview - Princeps Lex, Romach Shel Raam

In our first audio version of a Titan Owner Interview, we get Princeps Lex of Romach Shel Raam in the hotseat as Adeptus Titanicast kicks off with the US Branch.  We hope you enjoy the new podcast and the return of the Titan Owner Interviews.