Sunday, 17 February 2019

Reaver TItan No.2227 - Zhu'Khar fien dierum, Legio Excruciatus

Certificate Number: 2227
Titan Name: Zhu'Khar fien dierum (post heresy name).
Pattern: Mars Pattern "chaos titan"
Weapons: Melta cannon, Volcano cannon and Missile launcher. Can be changed if required. As it's has magnets just under the ball joint.
Princeps: (Unknown)
Titan legio: Legio Excruciatus
Maniple: Only have a Reaver at the moment 

Owner: Joe J.
Location: Hampshire, UK


Some action shots for this submission. Good looking engine. Very nice red.


Titan Owners Club

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Walk After-Action Reports- We Need You!

Walk After-Action Reports are the chance for you, our members, to show us what your God-Engines have accomplished since you took the helm.  They display your honour, valour, and ability to pilot a fierce engine of destruction.  And of course everyone gets to revel in the destruction that you cause.

These articles are things that we love to do for you, but it's been some time since we've featured them in any great capacity.  What we need is actually the content to create these articles and that's where you can help us.  In the past, we've asked you to send on your epic exploits to us so that we can share them with your fellow Princeps.  Today, we are asking that once more. 

If you want your Titan featured in a Walk After-Action Report, drop us a line at or and we'll get you some extra glory time.

Friday, 15 February 2019

L.P ( Princeps Tesarius ) Introduction.

Brothers and sisters old and new, it is a pleasure to be a part of something near and dear to my heart. First an introduction: my name is Lyden P., and you'll see me post as Princeps Tesarius on the blog. I have been active within the Titan community as a whole since 2016 when I purchased my first engine. I am extremely honoured to have been asked to join the admin team, and wish to thank them for considering me. I will do my utmost to help the TOC.

Warlord Titan "PHLEGETHON"
I genuinely love Titans and seeing new and established members share their love and passion for the GOD-ENGINES! It makes the TOC community a great place to be. Speaking of Titans, I am the proud owner of my Legio Fureans maniple comprising of the following engines:

Warlord#408 "PHLEGETHON"
Warbringer#205 "KHARON-HADES"
Reaver#1906 "CAVALCANTE"
Reaver#1970 "ANTENOR"
Reaver#2509 "RUBICANTE"
Warhound#4744 "CERBERUS"
Warhound#4630 "EPICURSUS"
Warhound#4776 "OVID"
Warhound#5362 "MALACODA"

A Warlord and a Reaver "hunting".

The Warhound "OVID"

My Legio has done me proud so far, serving in two Walks and claiming many engine kills! I plan to make allied Knights in the future but I currently have no Knight Banners. This has been a true passion project. I've worked hard over the last few years and now I can enjoy fielding them at our Walks. It feels epic.

Reaver Titan "CAVALCANTE"

A little about myself before I close out, I am 28 years old and hail from the northwest UK (Cumbria). I have been in the hobby since I was 8 years old and have never looked back. I love being able to share what knowledge and skills I have learned in my years behind a brush. I like to think I am approachable and always willing to help in whatever way I can. With this I would like to thank the admin team again and to thank each and every one of our members for having me. I hope to serve you and the TOC well.


Thursday, 14 February 2019

Meet the Events- 2019 First Three in the USA

We previously revealed the first three North America events that you can take part in to start 2019 for Titan Owners Club.  Now, we have the posters and some extra information to share.  We'll have the final two Regionals, the National, and some one-off events to show you later, but we'll give the speartip the attention it deserves for now.


The very first event of the year for North America belongs to the Northeast Region, to be held at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, Maryland on March 16th.

We're blessed to work with Jeff Hall and his crew, who provided us some information about the store you can play at:

Games and Stuff began in 2000 and over the course of the past 19 years we have established ourselves as the premier destination for hobby gaming in the Mid-Atlantic region. We have over 7,000 square feet devoted to all manner of games and we regularly host over 150 events per month! Our staff is led by industry veterans who each have over 20+ years of experience in the tabletop game industry. Games and Stuff focuses on a top notch customer experience for everyone who walks through our doors!

There will definitely be plenty of space to battle.  


April 28th sees the Southeast Region shine with its own mission.  Returning to New Orleans one last time before the event moves (likely to Tennessee in 2020), Chaz of Games Workshop: Riverbend was all too happy to invite the Titan Owners Club back.

North America GW store number 68 sits in the city that is the crown jewel of Louisiana.  A region known for good food, a party atmosphere, and an easygoing nature, the host city is ready to show what it has.


The Southwest Region isn't one to let the Southeast Region claim too much glory on food or a good atmosphere.  June 1st sees GW: Preston Ridge draw its own crowd in Frisco.

Located northeast of Dallas, Texas, this GW store aims to put its friendship with TOC members to use and seeks to have Titans land their thunderous tread in a state where "everything is bigger".  We'll see if they can live up to that billing, since few things are bigger than a Titan.

Reach out to us at if you wish to join one of these events or our mailing list.  We are also aware that space may be an issue, and we are able to move the locations for the events as needed, so don't worry about having enough room.

We are very excited about these first three offerings and we hope to see as many people there as can make it.  We'll even have goodies available at some, if not all of these events.  What they are will be a secret until the first of them drop.  And if you want to have a TOC polo shirt in time for the event, use the same email address listed above for more information.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Update Tau Manta No.21 - AX-01-21, Shas'O R'myr, 02-02-2019

Mike has completed his beautiful Manta now. As this kit is such a rare piece to see in the flesh or even painted, I would like to say thanks to Mike for sharing.
Well done Mike. You have done an awesome job mate!

Mmmm. New Manta smell! Great airbrushing, even on the internals.

Love the camouflage. So Xenos.

Just awesome. Would love to see it filled up. 

The chipping is just subtle enough. Well done.

Put the lid on her. She's done.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Warlord Titan No.457 - Mortem Paradisi, Legio Mortis

Certificate Number: 457
Titan Name: Mortem Paradisi (Death of Paradise) 
Pattern: Mars-Alpha Pattern Warlord Battle Titan
Head Unit: Mars Beta Pattern 

Primary Armament: 
•Belicosa Volcano Cannon.
•Macro Gatling Cannon (Death Rattle).
•Two carapace mounted Laser Blasters.

Princeps: Janek Corisini
Moderati: Dimitri Markov, Nicolai Zakir, Ravel Theron & Marsha Zortova
Techpriest: Janus Ru-468
Titan Legio: Legio Mortis (Deaths Heads) / Retlaxi Primogenitus Maniple "Retlaxi Firstborn". 

Owner: Gary C.
Location: Cornwall, UK

The ‘Mortem Paradisi’ was one of the five original engines that made up the Retlaxi Primogenitus maniple. Under the command of the legendary Martian Princeps Seniorus Alyona Verkhola. Verkhola also known as the 'Ferrum Virgines' or 'The Iron Maiden' commands the 'Omnissiah Soter' an ancient an terrifying Warmonger Emperor class titan. 

The 'Omnissiah Soter' was one of the first engines to be garrisoned at the Legio Mortis's secondary forge-fortress on Retlaxi an has had the honour of commanding its first commissioned Argonaut Maniple from that day on. The Retlaxi Primogenitus maniple along with the majority of the other Legio Mortis engines during the great crusade joined the 63rd expeditionary fleet under the command of the Warmaster Horus himself. The maniple fought many battles along side the Sons of Horus and Iron Warriors legiones astartes throughout the heresy and now is currently deploy on the planet of Beta-Garmon IV. 

The Mortem Paradisi gained a fearsome reputation during the great crusade. A true engine killer, even before the days when Legio fought Legio the Mortem Paradisi excelled in engine combat. With two confirm Aeldari titan kills during the ‘Halo Gulf Cleansing’ and eleven Ork titan grade engine kills earning it a formidable and intimidating fame during the Ullanor campaign. During this time due to the staggering carnage the Mortem Paradisi reaped, the crew named the Marco Gatling Cannon 'Death Rattle' because of the noise an devastation it created on the hoards of Orks an their ramshackle God machines. 

The reputation of Mortis princeps being stubborn and insular doesn't stop with Princeps Corisini in fact as far as stubborn and insular Mortis princeps go he is one of the worst. His arrogance an displeasure of working with other Legio's is well documented. His actions during the Accatran Compliance with Legio Venator played a pivotal role in the near Legio civil war there. 
Like most of the Legio he wears a personalised skull faced helm into battle. The tradition dating back to the birth of the ‘Triad Ferrum Morgulus’. His helm resembles a growling skeletal face of a long extinct animal reminiscent of an ancient Terra’s vampire bats skull. 


An absolute piece of pure beauty.

Gary took a lot of time in preparing his Warlord Titan and it shows.

That is a front cover of a comic stride right there. Positioned perfectly for maximum presence.

A great arsenal adorns this fine engine!

 I do love copper ribbing on plasma weaponary.

Vaping area.

Gary uses Airbrushes as a primary tool in his work, and it can be seen evidently here. Great shading.

That's right mortals, Horus sent a Warlord and he doesn't even consider you a threat as he steps casually by.

The streaking looks fantastic.

Gary even uses an airbrush to do his brass trims. a lot of masking indeed!! 

Sporting the Warhammer World exclusive Mars Beta head! Beautiful.

Here's the proud Princeps Janek. He knows he looks good in his Engine!

Gary is a great friend of mine now, and we talk regularly about everything Mortis. He runs the Legio Mortis Facebook page if you want a daily fix of everything Legio Mortis!

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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Update Warlord Titan No.800 - Gryphonne Indomitus, 07-01-2019

Update 07/02/2019
Good strong colours. Nice and clean too.

Wear it with pride!! Lots more owners are doing this now!

Transfers added.

And DAMMMMNNNN!! that is some fantastic weathering!!

Look at that!! Before and after.

Cracking streak work too!!

Titan Owners Club