Sunday, 24 March 2019

Reaver Titan No.1698 - Per Ardua Da Astra, Invictus Angelus

Certificate Number: 1698
Titan Name: 
Per Ardua Da Astra
Pattern: Mars Pattern 
Primary Armament:  Laser Blaster, Gatling Blaster, Powerfist, Apocalypse Missile launcher
Princeps:  Pietor Endor
Titan Legio: Invictus Angelus
Battle Maniple Composition: 1 Warlord, 2 Reavers and 4 Warhounds

Owner: Ian M
Location: Ireland


Great pose, the effects along the red plates are great!

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Warlord Titan No.592 - Rex Ares, Legio Astorum

Certificate Number: 592
Titan Name: Rex Ares
Pattern: Mars-Alpha. 
Head Unit: Beta-Alpha 
Primary Armament: Laser Blasters, Arioch power claw, Belicosa volcano cannon (Sunfury plasma annihilator as option)
Princeps: Dave
Titan Legio: Astorum (warp runners)
Battle Maniple Composition: Reaver 1947. warhound incomming

Owner: John H.
Location: Wiltshire UK
Comments: This is my 3rd titan as i have a Reaver and a warhound (got redeployed) but i have another warhound in the pipe and i'm 
looking to get my grubby hands on the new Warbringer soon.

Legio Astorum walks. lovely colours on this beautiful Mars Beta Warlord 

Totally prepared to take on at range and up close. 

the decals placed in a myriad of locations, add to this Engine's appearance. 

Work in Progress shots:

Titan Owners Club

Friday, 22 March 2019

Mars Warhound No.2653 - Lupus Lux, Invictus Angelus

Certificate Number: 2653
Titan Name: 
Lupus Lux
Pattern: Mars Pattern
Primary Armament: Plasma Blastgun and Vulcan Megabolter
Princeps: Herman Vibben
Titan Legio: Invictus Angelus
Battle Maniple Composition: 
1 Warlord, 2 Reavers and 4 Warhounds

Owner: Ian M
Location: Ireland


Ian's scenic bases are really well done, along with the striping.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Reaver Titan No.2434 - Fortis Belli, Legio Astorum

Certificate Number: 2434
Titan Name: 
Fortis Belli
Pattern: Reaver 
Primary Armament: Volcano Cannon, Apocalypse Missile Launcher and Powerfist (or Gatling Blaster)
Princeps: Unknown
Titan Legio: Legio Astorum
Battle Maniple Composition: 1 Reaver, 1 Warhound (MWH5225)

Owner: Paul T
Location: West Midlands, UK
Comments: None


Work in Progress:
Used the same bolt technique for my Reaver. It holds a lot of weight and gives good freedom of movement.

When long range is the answer.

Nice way of swapping the left round armament round :)

Titan Owners Club

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Mars Warhound No.5323 - Angelus Ignis, Invictus Angelus

Certificate Number: 5323
Titan Name: Angelus Ignis
Pattern: Mars Pattern
Primary Armament: 2 Inferno Guns
Princeps: Quintus Bohrmann
Titan Legio: Invictus Angelus
Battle Maniple Composition: 
1 Warlord, 2 Reavers and 4 Warhounds

Owner: Ian M
Location: Ireland


Ready to bring the Emperors light to the enemies of mankind!

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Most Impressive! It's a LEGO Pattern Warlord Titan!

From a fan of Titans and the blog, we received this email from Lorenzo and had to share his amazing work:

"Dear Titan Owners Club Admins, good morning. I'm Lorenzo, from Italy. I recently got in contact with WH40K's world Fascinated by its history and background, I started to "dig", to discover what's behind the amazing artworks and models found on the web... specially about the Titans! On your blog I found a plenty of pictures of models and my jaw dropped in front of the detailing, the painting job... It's amazing that each Titan is unique, even tough based on the same model. I appreciated the Work-in-progress pictures too, that give the idea of what amount of work is done to carry out a model like yours.

I'm an AFOL, an Adult Fan of LEGO: I play with LEGO bricks and I love to build robots... so immediately at the first time I hit on your page I felt that I had to build a LEGO version of a Titan... and I did it! It was a real challenge for me, for the size (53 cm tall, 4966 pieces), the weight, the particular shape... but I'm really happy and proud of the result! 

The proportion between my Titan and a common LEGO minifigure is more or less the same between your Titan models and the infantry troops, as seen in many pictures on the net. Now I can say that I'm a Titan Owner too! I called it "Gladio Regis" from Legio Blacktronis. (Blacktron is a 90's LEGO Space series, with a black and yellow color scheme), So I used their historic Logo (three yellow triangles put together to form a bigger triangle) to create the heraldry!

I'm proud to show you in the attachment some pictures of it... I don't know if in your blog there is a specific area of these "outlaw" creations... if in case I would be proud to be part of it!

Thank you for your attention, regards

Member of Piemonte Bricks LUG"

Cannons, laser blasters, tilting plates, and the back vents!  Even the stabilizers at the torso.

A Mars-Beta inspired head.

This is just amazingly impressive in every way.  This is just fantastic.

Job very well done, sir! - Shadow

Monday, 18 March 2019

Adeptus Titanicus- Doom of Molech Preview

Warhammer Community had some tidbits to show us today regarding the upcoming Doom of Molech supplement for Adeptus Titanicus.

Forge World Preview: Doom of Molech

Since the launch of Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy, players have been asking for the freedom to use entire armies of Imperial Knightsagainst their Titanic foes. You’ll be able to soon, as the next expansion – Doom of Molech – is on the way. Let’s take a look…

Doom of Molech focuses on the battle for the Knight World of Molech during the Horus Heresy. A key conflict, this saw the entirety of House Devine betray their oaths and turn to the Warmaster’s side, leading to a massacre of Loyalist forces on the embattled world. It was also the site of some of the most vicious Titan and Knight fighting in the entire Heresy.

With this new expansion, you’ll be able to recreate these battles using six new narrative missions that let you fight key moments from the war. There’s also a new matched play mission that pits your forces against the mighty beasts that roam the world, for a very different kind of challenge. New battlefield conditions and Stratagems also give a host of new options for every Adeptus Titanicus player.

Knights are very much the focus, with a plethora of rules for using entire armies from the Knight Households in open, narrative and matched play, along with comprehensive additions to the Adeptus Titanicus core rules to make using full Knightly armies easier.

These include new rules for issuing Orders to Knight Banners, ways to activate multiple Banners at once, expanded rules for shooting with and at Knights, and much more. In addition, there are new options for the leaders of a Knight Household, including Knightly Qualities to personalise them. You can also add Freeblades to your force, as well as choose from a range of new Stratagems and Battlefield Assets designed to complement the Knight Households.

A collection of Household-specific mission objectives for matched play games complete the rules for Knight armies, allowing you to take on missions suitable to your nimbler – albeit more fragile – war machines.

To give your Knights more identity on the battlefield, seven sets of Household rules provide unique Knightly Qualities for the Houses of Molech. These can be used to further personalise the commanders of your Knight Household armies, each providing new tactical options and different ways to play with your Knights.

For those who prefer their Titans to Knights, there are rules for four new Legions – Crucius, Fortidus, Vulcanum and Interfector – as well as a pair of new maniples that you can use to organise your battlegroups.

We’ll be bringing you more previews of Doom of Molech soon – and you can get a closer look on Warhammer TV this week. Keep an eye on the schedule for more information.