Saturday, 21 October 2017

KS0005 - Banner Opprimo, House Makabius

"The fifth brave Knight Scion is the formidable Sir Redscorps.  Painted in the colours of one of the most tragic of all Knight houses of the Horus Heresy (And my personal Favourite - Col.Hertford)!  A house of avarice and intrigue which was ultimately to betray the Emperor and be reaped in dark compliance by Mortarion himself." - Titan Owners Club

Banner Name: Opprimo - House Makabius

Seneschal: +++ Records Censored +++

Knight Seneschal: Opprimo - Acastus Knight-Porphyrion - Two Twin-linked Magna Lascannons, Two Autocannons & Helios Defence Launcher

Knight Scion: Nihil - Cerastus Knight-Atrapos - Graviton Singularity Cannon & Atrapos Lascutter

Knight Scion: Ferrum - Cerastus Knight-Castigator - Twin-linked Castigator Pattern Bolt Cannon & Tempest Warblade

Knight House: House Makabius

Titan Allies: No, but I hope to soon. Keeping my eyes open for a second hand Reaver to do up as a new one is a bit out of my price range.

Owner: Redscorps of (Well worth checking out - TOC)

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Comments: I’ve only just finished off this banner of knights with the Castigator this week, but the Porphyrion and the Atrapos have been fielded alongside my Death Guard for a while now as Lords of War. The Porphyrion has proven to be a total menace on the battlefield and has laid waste to many tanks, walkers, infantry and even a kicked a Primarch in it’s glorious career. 

A few custom touches for the Traitor engines come in the form of chain and skull hip-banners as well as hand cut pyramid studs from Plasticard. I went with more of a dull metallic blue for my guys than the grey and black ‘shadow’ as I’ve seen on other Makabius stuff too. The bases are made from cutting discs for a grinder with the Porhpyrion sitting on a 230mm disc.

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  1. Lovely lovely scheme and great pose on the Castigator! Brilliant stuff

  2. Thanks for sharing my work guys, I've been a big fan of the TOC for a while now, very nice of you gents to allow some puny knights to join in! Hopefully I'll have something to add to it before too long.