Wednesday, 30 May 2018

KS0008 - Banner "The Spear-tip", House "The Knights of Fureans"

"Today we welcome Sir Yann and the Knights Of Fureans, a knight house affilitated to the infamous Traitor Titan Legio.  These guys support a couple of titans and I for one, can wait to see the massed ranks of Fureans assembled for eternal WAR" - TOC

Banner Name: Banner « The Spear-tip »

Seneschal: S-00025

Knight Seneschal: Cerastus Knight-Castigator

Knight Scion: Knight Errant

Knight Scion: Knight Paladin

Knight Scion: Knight Warden

Knight Scion: Knight Warden

Knight House/ legio ForgeWorld: The Knights of Fureans

Titan Allies: Reaver 2043, Warhound 5191 (under construction)

Owner: Yann H.

Location: France, 79410

Comments: I am pretty pleased with how these look and am currently working on 6 Armiger Warglaives

"Blooming hell that is a lot of Knights, and as massive fans of all things big and stompy we can only say BRAVO!!!" - TOC


  1. Nice job on the yellow and black. At some point I must start my Banner, Consorts of Legio Astorum

  2. That's an Impressive force .