Saturday, 26 May 2018

XS0002 - Group Avenger, Tau Sept Fal'Shia

"Today we welcome the foul Xeno of (should we say Sir?) Andrew K.  Fresh from terrorising the Imperium of Man spreading the Greater Good." - Titan Owners Club

Riptide Wing: "Avenger" Group X-23
Lead Shas'vre: Kor'Nusamee
Shas'vre: Ya'Vro
Shas'vre: Shaseer
Shas'vre: Fioina
Shas'vre: Ashu
Shas'vre: Shi'xan

Sept: Fal'shia

Owner: Andrew K.
Location: Sussex, Wisconsin, USA.
Comments:  None

"Fantastic paint job on the knights, I particularly like the energy effects on the shields." - TOC 

1 comment:

  1. I like the militaristic look to these, especially the group shot. Nice variety of poses from the one kit, did you have to convert many? Or are they stock minus the positioning tabs? Good to have more Xenos lovin’ on TOC, the Tau are getting some representation with a number of Manta, Taunar and now a “Knight Banner” with a Riptide Wing - bet you weren’t popular in 7th Edn...