Sunday, 27 May 2018

Tyranid Harridan No.1 - Hive Fleet Behemoth

Tyranid Harridan
Owner: Andrew A, Maryland, USA
Hive Fleet: Behemoth
Whole Tyranid force can be found on Instagram: @hivefleet_40k

Painting guide
Prime: Chaos Black
Base with Airbrush: Mephiston Red, Evil Sun Scarlet
Layers: Karak Stone, Warpstine Green, Teclis Blue
Dry Brush: Etherium Blue
Wash: Agrax Earthshade, Guilliman Blue, Carroburg Crimson

Some stunning photos of the Harridan below!

What a terrifying opponent.

 I have never faced off against a Tyranid Harridan before, but it looks like it would be a joy to game.

 Some great airbrushing

 A stunning addition to a Tyranid force.

 Run from me puny humans!!!

 Thanks for sharing Andrew

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  1. Lovely! First big bug on TOC? Any plans for a Bio Titan?

  2. As a fellow bug player with a Harridan in the process of being painted (I've pinned, magnetised the tail and wings and primed it so far) and a Hierophant still in the box; I full approve of this, looks awesome, nice basing too.