Tuesday, 19 February 2019

KS0018 - 1st Crucible, House Magi

"This banner of four Knights is obviously just a starts.  Colourful and well painted, a Home-brew Knight House under the command of Sir Jon takes the field" - TOC

Banner Name: 1st Crucible
Marko the Black
Knight Seneschal: 
Black  Knight 1: QEr, thermal cannon, stormspear rocket pod, heavy stubber, reaper chainsword

Knight Scion: Kloe the White 
White Witch 1; QPa, rapid-fire battlecannon, heavy stubber x2, twin Icarus autocannon, reaper chainsword

Knight Scion: Joseph the Violet 
Violet knight 1: QEr, thermal cannon, heavy stubber, ironstorm missle pod, reaper chainsword

Knight Scion: Margret the Orange
Orange Witch 1: QPa, rapid-fire battle cannon, avenger gattling cannon. heavy flamer, melta gun, heavystubber. twin Icarus autocannon

Knight House: House MAGI

Titan Allies:  Sorceress, last Warlord of Legio Phantasma 

Owner: Jon K.

Comments: although they are Nobles, House Magi is a service Order, serving and defending the people of their home world PRYNN IV. answering to the planetary governor the Empress Esmerelda.

Location:  Texas, USA


  1. Very colourful Banner! Nice. What’s next? Boris the Brown? Lady Penelope the Pink perhaps? I like it.

  2. Nice to see Knights again.
    Nice Painting, very colorful Knights.

    Will there be more soon? I sent my dates and pics in December

    1. Andy,

      The blog has a very healthy backlog right now and Hertford has set several of the Knight Banners up for the coming weeks. We have adjusted our schedules and have a dedicated day for Knight Banners now, as well as occasionally pushing a few extras to help clear their backlog. I have looked into the upcoming Banners and I was able to find yours, so it will just be a matter of how the backlogs play out. Thank you for sending your Banner in to us and we apologize that it's taken so long to get to you.