Thursday, 21 February 2019

KS0019 - House Galaghast - Roaring Thunder

"A fine looking force in Imperial Purple under the proud loardship of Sir Mumb.  This is sure to make an impact, both visually and on the tabletop.  A fine job!" - TOC
Banner Name: Banner Roaring Thunder

Knight Seneschal: Sir Victus the Boar, Knight Gallant "Roaring Thunder" - reaper chainsword, thunderstrike gauntlet and meltagun

Knight Scion: Lady Zethina, Knight Paladin "Ultima Ratio Regum" - rapid-fire battle cannon, reaper chainsword, two heavy stubbers and ironstorm missile pod

Knight Scion: Lady Intias, Knight Warden "The End of the Impure" - avenger gatling cannon, reaper chainsword, heavy stubber, heavy flamer and twin icarus autocannon)

Knight Scion: Lady Callidia the Executioner, Knight Crusader "Forgebrother" - rapid-fire battle cannon, avenger gatling cannon, two heavy stubbers, heavy flamer and ironstorm missile pod

Knight Scion: Sir Trantor the Drakeslayer, Knight Errant "Limitless Hate" - thermal cannon, thunderstrike gauntlet, meltagun and stormspear rocket pod

Knight House: House Galaghast

Titan Allies: Ryanus of Legio Cerberus (a warhound who belongs to a good friend of mine)

Owner: Mumb

Location: Szeged, Hungary

Comments: All of the knight scions who have titles (such as 'the Boar') have earned these in the fires of battle. The two armiger warglaives that have recently begun accompanying the banner are Squires Varnias and Ishmael.


  1. They look fantastic all together! What’s up next? Castellan or Valiant perhaps?

  2. Usally I don‘t like the colour, but it looks great on these guys