Friday, 10 August 2018

KS0015 - The Seeking Blades, Legendary Free Blades

Today's post is about the the newest member of the club. Sir Samuel of Vermont has shared his very nicely painted Freeblade force. - TOC

Banner Name: The Seeking Blades 

Seneschal: Cerastus Knight Atrapos “Dáinsleif”
Preceptor: Questoris Knight Warden. “Lux
Scion: Questoris Knight Paladin, “Terminus
Scion Arbalester: Questoris Knight Crusader-Obliterator. “Dawnspear
Scion Implacable: Cerastus Knight Acheron, “Rust
Sword-Hounds: Knight Armiger Warglaives “Gáe Buidhe” and “Gáe Dearg”

Knight House: “The Blades-Errant

Owner: Samuel “Nusquam”
Location: Vermont, USA

Comments:A band of Legendary Freeblades that were formed under Malcador the Sigilite in the same manner as the Knights-Errant; These questing blades seek other freeblades in an effort to unite them under the banner of the Emperor or slay those who have turned to Horus. Their names lost to time, only legends of their knight armors striking out in the defense of mankind linger in the far reaches of the galaxy where hope has no home.

Knights are my favorite part of Warhammer lore and their kits are fun to paint and customize. As shown with my Crusader and plastic Cerastus conversion. I'll be adding more Armigers 


  1. Great collection, love the rusty one at the back. Armigers always look cool, you going for two Helverins next? Nice Plasma Obliterator Conversion, do you Counts as or use Plasma Oblit stats?

    1. Thanks! I did indeed get two Helverins. I also now have a Valiant and Castellan.

      For the Plasma Oblit I just been using the Thermal Cannon stats. I later swapped it out back for the normal cannon bit.

  2. Great looking Knight Banner! I especially like the heat effect on the Atrapos' Las cutter and the water effects on the Armiger bases! :)