Wednesday, 7 April 2021

KS0035 - Court of The Fisher King, Knights of Corbenic

Banner Name: Court of The Fisher King

Seneschal: The Fisher King

Knight Seneschal: Cerastus Knight Lancer - The Fisher King - Piloted by Count Octillus Hiralden

Knight Scion: Cerastus Knight Lancer - Reef Thresher - Piloted by Countess Caelia Hiralden

Knight Scion: Armiger Warglaive - Shellback - Piloted by Patrocles Hiralden

Knight Scion: Armiger Warglaive - Tidebreaker - Piloted by Ivraine Hiralden

Knight Baron: Questoris Knight Mageara - Deepdive - Piloted by 'Mad' Baron Pellinore

Knight Scion: Armiger Helverin - Mudskipper - Piloted by Sir Jayce Arron

Knight Scion: Armiger Helverin - Trench-Runner - Piloted by Derrin Pike

Knight Scion: Questoris Knight Preceptor - Conga Blue - Piloted by Hastur Mordent

Knight Scion: Dominus Knight Valiant - Barracuda Squall - Piloted by Sir Parcival Ahabius

Knight Scion: Acastus Knight Asterius -  Quake Hydra - Piloted by Sir Marcus 'Thunderfist' Harnen

Knight Scion: Questoris Knight Paladin - Shock Manta - Piloted by Veles Meridian

Knight House: Knights of Corbenic

Titan Allies: Legio Metalica Venator Light Maniple Merrick Alpha: Reaver Titan Ferrum Dominus (1693); Warhound Titan Fulgur Manus(3651); Warhound Titan Excidium Rex (3653)

Owner: Princeps Goddenzilla

Location: South Yorkshire, UK

Comments: The Court of The Fisher King has been a 2 year labour of love for me. I wanted each and every knight in the force to be a unique character full of conversions and quirks.  The knights hail from an oceanic deathworld known as Corbenic which has very few natural land masses - all populated areas of the planet are located on titanic artificial structures which sit above the tumultuous seas.

The planet meets the Emperor's tithe in two ways; with natural resources mined from the sea bed and enormous hauls of sealife to feed nearby armies of the Imperium.  Despite its industrialisation, the planet of Corbenic is not entirely safe for its human settlers, for the depths are home to some of the largest aquatic lifeforms ever recorded by mankind.  These voracious predators are always a threat to mining operations and have even been known to snatch unwary workers from jetties along with cargo haulers full of fish.

The Knights of Corbenic patrol the oceans and shorelines as well as assisting in specialist mining operations.  They even take part in ritualistic hunts to slay legendary creatures which stalk the depths...

Each of my knights is presented here along with its Knight Scion pilot; each of them represented by a miniature on foot.

If you'd like to see more of my knights including WIP images, head on over to my blog!


The Court of the Fisher King in all it's glory.

An absolutely incredible display piece.

Goddenzilla decided to retrospectively work on a display board to enter Armies on Parade!

The Fisher King

Barracuda Squall

Conga Blue

Deep Dive

Mudskipper and Trench-runner

Quake Hydra

Reef Thresher

Tidebreaker and Shellback

Shock Manta

We hope you have enjoyed this incredible Banner of Knights. Goddenzilla is a very skilled modeler.

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  1. Absolute feast for the eyes, every member of the Court is a delight and they look fantastic together. Superb mate

  2. Tons of hard work. Fantastic results!

  3. Fantastic work. They look amazing.