Wednesday, 6 June 2018

KS0010 - Banner Lady of the Rose, House Cadmus

"A lovely banner of House Cadmus Knights under the noble command of the great Sir Josif Rose.  The weathering and colour palette choices are superb.  I have to say seeing Knights with a titan is absolutely glorious" - Titan Owners Club

Banner Name: Lady of the Rose

Seneschal: Lady Luci Ann

Knight Seneschal Lady Luci Ann Rose: Lancer Class: Shock Lance / Ion Gauntlet Shield

Knight Scion Sir Gearish Rose: Crusader Class: Avenger Gatling Cannon / Thermal Cannon 

Knight Scion Lady Keyo Ann Rose:  Gallant Class: Reaper Chainsword / Thunderstrike Gauntlet

Knight House: House Cadmus

Titan Allies: Legio Vindictus: Warhound Class (#4721)

Owner: Sir Josif Rose

Location: Branford, Connecticut 

Comments:  Lady of the Rose defends the Imperium for House Cadmus on the planet Raisa.

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  1. Gorgeous and they compliment one another quite nicely.