Thursday, 2 August 2018

KS0012 - Fraterri Fidelis, Knight auxiliaries of Legio Fidelis

Today's post is for the Knights of the Fraterri Fidelis.  There house destroyed, they have swore to fight for a Titan Legion.  Great knights, and lovely background.

Banner Name:  Fraterri Fidelis
Seneschal: Onesimus Rehor, Hastatus Maximus of Fraterrus Primus

Knight Seneschal:  Fraterrus Primus, Kight Paladin with Heavy Stubber and Reaper Chainsword
Knight Scion: Fraterrus Secundus, Knight Errant with Heavy Stubber, Reaper Chainsword, and Ironstorm Rocket Pod
Knight Scion: Fraterrus Tertius, Knight Paladin with Heavy Stubber and Reaper Chainsword.
Knight Scion: Fraterrus Quartus, Knight Paladin with Heavy Stubber, Thunderfist, and Twin Icarus Autocannons.
Knight Scion: Fraterrus Quintus, Knight Errant with Heavy Stubber and Thunderfist.
Knight Scion: Fraterrus Sextus, Knight Lancer.

Knight House:  The original House of the Fraterri Fidelis was destroyed during the Horus Heresy.  The survivors have been annexed into Legio Fidelis of Forge World Firmamentum as Knight auxiliaries.

Titan Allies:  Legio Fidelis currently includes a Lucius-pattern Warhound (preowned) and a Lucius-pattern Warlord (scratchbuilt), neither of which are registered.  Another Lucius-pattern Warhound and Lucius-pattern Warlord are currently under construction.

Owner: A.P. Herbert

Location: United States

Comments:  I've written a lot of background information for my Knights and Titans on the Bolter & Chainsword.


  1. Lovely job, nice background and love the use of a few bits, nice Muzzle Brake on the Paladin, that Warlord will make a nice Imperator now due to its size.

  2. Beautiful paintwork! Love the mechanicus shield! :)