Saturday, 4 August 2018

KS0013 - The Fire Storms of Rexis, House Taranis

Today's post is about the the newest member of the club with Knights from the oldest Knight House. Sir JC of Louisiana has shared his wonderful House Taranis force. - TOC

Banner Name: The Fire Storms of Rexis
Seneschal: Lord Rexis Kalin, Baron of House Taranis 
Knight Seneschal: Knight Paladin- "Fire Storm" Reaper Chainsword, Battle Cannon
Knight Scion: Armiger Knight- "Flame Spear" Thermal Spear,  Melta Gun, Reaper Chain-Cleaver
Knight Scion: Armiger Knight- "Flame Shield" Thermal spear,  Melta gun,  Reaper chain-Cleaver
Knight House: The Fire Storms of Rexis

Titan Allies: None
Owner: JC P.

Location:  Louisiana, USA

Comments: Rexis Kalin is the youngest Baron of House Taranis. He was recruited by the Forge world Kithos VIII to help support their mission to discover new worlds for resources. The Armigers Flame Spear and Flame Shield serve along side Rexis as a vanguard so that he can rain death on the enemies of the forge world. 


  1. Sweet, I feel that a Knight Banner is the first step upon the road to A TITAN! What’s planned next?

  2. I will try to get a warhound titan at some point in the future