Monday, 6 August 2018

KS0011 of House Makabius

Today's post is about the House Makabius knights of Sir Simon.  This hits hard with a full Forgeworld force of Knights.  All beautifully painted!

House Makabius 

Banner Name: Not stated
Seneschal: Seneschal Artemis III
Knight Seneschal: The Legacy of Vengeance, Porphyrion armed with twin linked magna las cannons
Knight Scion: The Fallen Sun, cerastus castigator 
Knight Scion: The Flames of Baroda, cerastus Archeron
Knight Scion: The Wrath of Shadows, cerastus Lancer 
Knight House: House Makabius 
Titan Allies: Legio Mortis Warhound 

Owner: Simon W
Location: Essex, UK
Comments: Allied to my legio mortis warhound (canis mortem) and my XIV legion

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