Sunday, 16 January 2022

XS0003 - Iron 'eads, Iron Mongers

Banner Name: Iron 'eads
Knight Seneschal: Stompa, Skullstompah, 3 big shootas, Deffkannon, Mega choppa, skorcha, supa-gatler, supa-rokkits, and twin big shoota
Knight Scion: Morkanaut, Brigbogg, Kustom force field, 2 twin big shootas, 2 rokkits, kustom mega Zappa, kustom mega blasta, fist or Gork/Mork.
Knight Scions: Gorkanaut, Grimbrakka, 2 twin big shootas, 2 rokkits, deffstorm mega shoota, skorcha, fist or Gork/Mork.

Knight House: Iron Mongers
Titan Allies: N/A

Owner: Kyle B.
Location: Maryland, USA

Comments: for the Clan I’ve chosen to run with is Bad Moons or as the iron mongers as a sub faction of the Bad Moons.



Skullstompah in all its riotous glory!

Brigbogg takes aim to zzzzap its foes.


And the Warboss's own personal ride.

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