Tuesday, 14 May 2019

KS0024 - House Knights Templar

Banner Name: Knights Templar 

Seneschal: Pope Gregory, Knight Crusader with Battle cannon, Gatling cannon, Twin Icarus Auto-cannon
Knight Seneschal: Raymond de Tripoli, Atropos, normal Kit
Knight Scion: Hugh De Payen, Porphyrion , standard kit
Knight Scion: Jaques Maloy, Warden, Gatling Cannon, Reaper, Twin Icarus Auto Cannon
Knight Scion: King Guy of Jerusalem, Lancer, Normal kit 
Knight Scion: Sir Edmund Defender of The Holy Land,  Knight Crusader with Battle cannon, Gatling cannon, Twin Icarus Auto-cannon 
Knight Scion: Richard the Lionhearted,  Knight Castigator, normal Kit 

Knight House: Knights Templar

Titan Allies: None

Owner: Greg aka Pope Gregory

Location: USA

Comments: All Knights are painted with the correct historical coat of arms and in Templar colors. The 40k Astra Miltarum ally is painted as the Swiss guard. All are affiliated with the Inquisition and are on a Grail Quest   


  1. Great concept and 'historical' colour scheme. Love it. Have you got some close ups on a blog / insta etc?