Monday, 9 April 2018

KS0006 - Banner Iron Hail, House Hawkshroud

"Another brave Knight Scion (hes already a Princep too) joins the fold,  the Astounding Sir Troy C.  This is a very well painted trio of Imperial Knights in the colours of House Hawkshroud,  love the use of the Warhammer Terrain to add interest to the bases!" - Titan Owners Club

Banner Name: Lance "Iron hail"

Seneschal: Baron Gregorian Varlath

Knight Seneschal:  Qcr rapid fire battle cannon/ avenger Gatling / storm spear rocket pod

Knight Scion: QGa reaper chain sword/ thunderstrike guantlet/ melta/ Icarus autocannon

Knight Scion: Qwa avenger Gatling cannon/thunderstrike gauntlet/ ironstone missile pod

Knight House: House Hawkshroud

Titan Allies: lupus fortis of legio xestobiax warhound MARS-5184

Owner: Troy Carter

Location: Connecticut, USA

Comments: The simple paint scheme of House Hawkshroud caught my eye and their lore is very interesting and speaks to my personality. The chapter/army affiliations on each of their armour matches the primary army of my friends (Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Mechanicum) and another of my friends are referenced in the Tau drone painted in his colour scheme destroyed on the base of my crusader. 

A fantastic group of knights, Remember you too can join the Club with your painted Knight Class walkers by contacting us here (

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  1. Nicely done! I’ve never used yellow as anything but a spot color, but I hear it can be quite difficult! These guys have a smooth, precise paint job and they look great!

    I’m thinking about doing a knight banner to support my Mortis engines - I have too many projects going right now, but with the release of the Castellan and the Armigers, I may have to take the leap!