Saturday, 7 April 2018

Titan Owners Club Walk 2018 - UK

Hi all

I am pleased to announce that we will be running our first Titan Owners Club Walk in the United Kingdom in the next few coming months on the 30th of June. This Walk will see around 50-60 Titans and Knight banners against one another as Loyalist vs Traitors. 

As you can imagine, this will be a very very large battle, so we will be ensuring that we have a suitably large gaming area to do this battle justice. We have purchased a one-piece bespoke 36ft x 16ft desert gaming mat to use for our large scale events. This will be showcased soon in an upcoming post.
We will also be putting suitably Titanic terrain items across the board too, including city buildings, Silos, Sector Mechanicus terrain items, Roads and scatter terrain of all flavours.

The event will be held at Holiday Inn Central Milton Keynes. This is a great venue which we have used several times now for gaming events. Other information about the venue, including how much it will cost to book a room (should you feel like it) is available here.
The address of the venue is 500 Saxon Gate West, Milton Keynes, MK9 2HQ. 

We will endeavour to have coffee, Tea and an assortment of biscuits/cakes/cookies available to gorge on throughout the day.

Times will be 09:30 to 20:00 (may be multiple games). We will be all stopping for lunch and dinner.

We have space for 50-60 Titans! At the beginning we are limiting it to 40 Engines (twenty aside) until those spaces are filled. Then we will be unlocking blocks of 10 additional Titan spaces at a time if we need to. Tickets will be £5 per Titan, yes just £5. We have decide to keep the rate low this year as it is the first UK event we will have run. A maximum of 6 Titans per person can be brought. 
We have also allowed space for Knight Banners of 3-5 Knights. Tickets will be £5 per Knight Banner.

Titan ticket Availability
Loyalists - 20/20 reserved
Traitors - 20/20 reserved.
Please email for additional availability!

Knight Banner ticket Availability
Loyalists - 2/5 reserved.
Traitors - 2/5 reserved.

We will be discussing this very shortly. Ideally the Adeptus Titanicus ruleset will be out by then, but we can not be 100% sure at the moment. If it will not be, then we will be utilising a modified 8th edition ruleset we believe.
We will also be allowing Titans to rejoin the the game when destroyed (automatically arrive beginning of next turn) so it should equate to a day of continuous gaming.

Limitations and restrictions:
We have decided to not allow Xenos Knights or Titans in this event as it will be a story driven battlefield.  
Attendees must be 18 years old+. All models must be fully painted. 
Other limitations may apply.

More information will be added shortly.

Titan Owners Club


  1. Sweet! I will endeavour to let you know shortly!

    1. Count me in, Loyalist Reaver and two Warhounds... I won’t have finished Warlord by then I guess, but this could be a head mark to aim for ;)

    2. Excellent news Siph. I’ll be leading you and the other loyalist against the Foul Drake Seta!

  2. Hi how do I pay? Regards jamie

    1. I've got a fire wasp warlord titan ready to go. Just need details on how to pay😊

    2. Hi Jamie, if your already a member just shoot an email to the Uk and Europe email address. If your not yet a member submit your membership request and say your interested in joining the walk. Payment will be cash on the door for this event.

      Thanks for the comment
      TOC - Col.Hertford

  3. Sounds great be a great sight across the battlefield. Not sure my engine will be ready either but like siph does give a time frame to focus on.

    1. Hope you can make it! The more the merrier,

  4. Man, I would love to come out so as to have been at both US and UK inagural events. Sadly, don’t think it is going to happen this year- if I make one it’ll be in the US. Perhaps next year! I’m sure you guys will have a blast - you MUST get photos!

  5. Hi Dan, would be great if you could have come, but hey, Its quite a big expense. Don’t worry, we WILL get some photos!

  6. Hey hey Col H! One of these years I’ll cone for sure. I was in the UK a couple of years ago for work, but didn get the chance to make the pilgrimage to Holy Terra (Warhammer World) which I really want to do at some point. So I’ll likely try to time it such that I can both make a walk and visit warhammer world.

    The first walk in the US was a ton of fun. Turnout was a little disappointing but it takes time to get this stuff off the ground, and I’m really happy I went - i made a couple of good friends and had a good time. I think with the write up on the community this year should have a much larger turnout in the US and I think the inagural UK walk will be amazing - I honestly envy you guys in the UK, just seems like the hobby has more support there!

    At any rate I hope you guys have a blast and I will have to settle for living vicariously through photos - this year at least! But I’m still holding out hope that things will come together and I’ll be able to make the US walk.

    Congrats on the write up to you, Drake, and Shadow! I think that exposure will help our community in many ways !

  7. Hi there,

    I really want to be there. who do i contact to get a spot? i have a Reaver already on here and just sent in a warlord doc, I also have a knight banner to but no pics as yet so i would love to bring them to.

    1. Contact Drake Seta on the UK and Europe email address. The link can be found on the join page.

  8. All aboard. Choooooo chooooooo

  9. Hi
    Any ideas about how to transport large chunks of decorated resin safely would grand😊
    Also any one considering coming in fancy dress. The child within is telling me to purchase dark red dressing gown a robot mask and metallic gloves πŸ˜† comments welcome. Jamie from kent

  10. Replies
    1. Please excuse my enthusiasm for this event.😁 been waiting for something like this for Y.E.A.R.S 😁

    2. Lol. I’m in the same position. My Warlord can be taken into pieces, so each goes in a separate box after being wrapped in cloth and padded with airbags (the ones you get from FW in a resin order).

  11. I will certainly have 1 warlord and warhound ready. Not sure about the 2nd warlord though. I'm happy to give up 2 of my 3 spaces so that someone else can join in. I will bring the warhound as a spate just incase. Is that Ok? I'm on the chaos/horus side by the way....

  12. Looks like my 2nd warlord might be ready after all. My paint skills Rnt the best. I prefer brush over air brush as I don't have the room for the equipment. 1 wife. 2 kids 1 puppy ! If some comes along and wants to join the traitors I'm happy to give 1 or2 spaces though. 😁

    1. Nope! Those spaces are yours! Mwahaha! Mortis Walks!!