Tuesday, 26 March 2019

KS0023 - Hipatia’s Rage, House Makabius

"A large and well equipped banner of Sir Nitecs.  These Makabius knights are an interesting contrast on the normally grey ones.  This also contains the first Dominus Class chassis in the club." - TOC

Banner Name: Hipatia's Rage

Seneschal: Hipatia Makabius

Knight Seneschal: Gloriam Eternus (Cerastus Atrapos)
Knight Scion: Cerastus Lancer: Vindex Magnar (Scion Julius Makabius)
Knight Scion: Cerastus Atrapos: Carón Diotima (Sicion Diererik Kastner)
Knight Scion: Knight Errant: Ignis Calidae (Scion Barsine Expositus)
Knight Scion: Knight Crusader: no name right now
Knight Scion: Knight Valiant: no name right now

Knight House: House Makabius

Titan Allies: No

Owner: Nitecs

Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Comments: I painted this army with a colourshift paint because The banner of the house is painted in purple. People paint this house in blue and GW painted it in grey :)  Hope you enjoy it. I will post better photos in the future

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  1. Beautiful Household! I bet they're a force to be reckoned with on the table!