Tuesday, 5 March 2019

KS0020 - Lance of the Fire Eclipse, House Sestertiarios

"Todays banner is one from of the attendees of the TOC UK Titan Walk 2018. And later Support Staff for TOC, Lord TITANium Halfpenny and his knights (specifically Armigers) lay claim to a very special charge. They slew first a Warhound Class Scout Titan and then a Reaver Class Battle Titan, both of which wore the colours of the hated Legio Furens and were commanded by our own Princeps Tesarius." - TOC

Banner Name:  Lance of the Fire Eclipse, the final Exalted Court of House Sestertiarios
Seneschal: Sir Daverous Ger'kan III Lord of Locksley 
Knight Seneschal: 'Fire Eclipse' Questoris Knight Errant Thermal Cannon with Reaper Chainsword and Stormspear Missile Pod

Knight Scion: Sir Tarquane Vondrone, 'Immortal Fury' Questoris Knight Paladin with rapid battlecannon and reaper chainsword with stormspear missile pod 
Knight Scion: Sir Senna McClaren, 'Emperor's Spear', Cerastus Knight Lancer with Shock Lance and Ion Gauntlet Shiled
Knight Scion: Lady Bianca Kassyn, 'Unbroken Fire' Questoris Knight Warden with Gatling Cannon and Thunderstrike gauntlet with Icarus Cannon 
Knight Scion: Sir Alexis Usperiii, 'Omnissah's Furnance'   Ceratus Knight Atropos with Atropus Lascutter and Graviton Singularity
Knight Scion: Lady Emilia Fox 'Kingslayer' Questoris Knight Errant Themal Cannon with Reaper Chainsword and Icarus Cannon
Knight Scion: Baron Robute Garro 'Libertas' Questoris Knight Paladin with rapid battlecannon and reaper chainsword
Knight Scion: Baron Tiberius Kirk 'Karn's Fury' Questoris Knight Gallent with Thunderstrike gauntlet, Reaper chainsword 
Knight Scion: Sir Baron Cayde 'Magma's Wrath'  Acastus Knight Porphyrion with 2 Twin Magma Lascannon's and 2 Lascannon's
Knight Scion: Sir William Hayes 'Glorious Doom' Ceratus Knight Acheron with Flame Cannon and Repaer Chainfist
Knight Scion: Lady Natasha Romanova 'Black Widow' Ceratus Knight Castigator with Castigator Bolt canoon and Tempest Warblade 
Knight Scion: Sir Sicarius Ka'to 'Vengeance' Questoris Knight Crusader with Gatling Cannon and Rapid Battle Cannon
Knight Scion: Baron Jamie Win Ca’Tan 'Mechanicum's Truth'  Questoris Knight Styrix with Graviton Crusher and Hekaton Siege Claw
Knight Scion: Baron Christop Ben’ardo 'Mechanicum's Prime '  Questoris Knight Magaera with Lightning Canoon and Hekaton Siege Claw
Knight Scion: Squire Procter 'Titan Death' Armiger Warglaive with Reaper Cain-Cleaver, Thermal Spear and Meltagun
Knight Scion: Lady Mansfield 'Dragon's Breath'  Armiger Warglaive with Reaper Cain-Cleaver, Thermal Spear and Meltagun 
Knight Scion: Squire Olwyn Trael 'Doom Hammer' Armiger Warglaive with Reaper Cain-Cleaver, Thermal Spear and Meltagun
Knight Scion: Squire Zavala 'Ablazed Glory'  Armiger Warglaive with Reaper Cain-Cleaver, Thermal Spear and Meltagun 
Knight Scion: Lady Ana Bray 'Forge Warden'  Armiger Helverin with 2 Armiger Autocannons and Meltagun
Knight Scion: Squire Tycho 'Eternal Fires' Armiger Helverin with 2 Armiger Autocannons and Meltagun 

Knight House: House Sestertiarios
Titan Allies: Deictus Fist (named after the fabled Legio Crucius Imperator Titan who fell at the battle of Hive World Kado) - consisting of: Warhound Titan (5508); Warhound Titan (5599); Reaver Titan (11); Reaver Titan (2522); Warlord Titan (860); Warbringer Titan (221); Reaver Titan (2522); Warbringer (187).

Owner: TOC's own Support Staff - Lord TITANium Halfpenny
Location: Dorset, UK
Comments: The history of House Sestertiaros has been destroyed due to time, the earliest records known involve the destruction of their home world on the 20th lunar cycle - (this number is shown on each knight to remember their home world) by the hands of both the Iron Warriors and Relictors. 

Motto: Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro

The Iron Warriors descended on their home world whilst the majority of the Knights were engaged off world defending a nearby world against a splinter force of the Iron Warriors. The Iron Warriors eradicated the population, the forts and strongholds - the planet sent word to the Imperium for help. The help arrived in the form of a Relictor Space Marine force, however they quickly discovered that the world held a deep secret, open this world a daemon weapon of vast power was hidden deep in a vault under the major stronghold of the planet. The Relictors, instead of defending the planet moved to find this weapon and take harness the power of the weapon for their purposes. The weapon was found, and taken - the results of this was that the removal of the weapon created a daemonic rift, which ripped the world apart, killing all but a force of knights who were off world, one route to the planet. The term 'Fire Eclipse' comes from the final image of the world that the knights saw before the world was destroyed.

The House, initially set out on a suicide crusade against Chaos, it was during this campaign that the House became part of an Imperial force against a Chaos force supported by an Ultramarines and Titans from Legio Crucis. The Princept of the Legio Crucius Titans invited the Seneschal an offer to fight with the Legio, and it was here the House dispatched their previous name, and became House Sertertiarios. The house fights as an allied force as part of Legio Crucius. 


  1. Ha, Lord H, get their heraldry finished so I can complete the base on my Warlord! Emilia Fox, Kato Sicarius and Natasha Romanova, Will Hayes and Tiberius Kirk and Garro Libertas. I know where you've been getting inspiration! And thanks to the nod on the Styrix, a worthy Knight!

  2. Love those first 2 pictures! that was so much fun taking out 2 titans in a single turn..

  3. Now we know what Princeps Tesarius sees in his darkest nightmares! :)

  4. My dreams are filled with armigers and pict feed relays of my engines falling in battle.... i shall get my vengance!

    Truly amazing knight and a force to be respected on the battlefield.