Tuesday, 12 March 2019

KS0021 - The Joyful Companions, House Hawkshroud

"Sir Alex has a fine, and in the case of Ecclesia Mortis "fearsome", collection of Freeblade knights.  The Skulls conversion work is inspired and well executed." - TOC

Banner Name: The Joyful Companions

Seneschal: Cador Ogden

Knight Seneschal: Caput Draconis (knight crusader) battle cannon+ Gatling gun
Knight Scion: Olor Aeternum (knight errant) thermal cannon and chainsword
Knight Scion: Ecclesia Mortis (knight gallant) gauntlet and chainsword
Armiger warglaives: Laelaps and Bargheist

Knight House: Freeblade Company (hawkshroud)

Owner: Alex T

Location: California, United States

Comments: A loose collection of nobles of various houses from a knight world in the Eastern Ultima Segmentum. These nobles banded together to form the Joyful Companions in the pursuit of adventure and freedom from the dull life of the royal court. Their bond has been tested many times but they have held strong through the worst the 42nd millennium has to offer. 


  1. Love the liberal use of skulls, very Grimdark lol.

  2. Ecclesia Mortis is awesome! Great work! :)