Thursday, 26 August 2021

KS0037 - Daemonium ab Machina, House Aeternum

Banner Name: Daemonium ab Machina
Seneschal: Xenon Helvoss Váronis The VIIth
Knight Seneschal: “Eye of a Thousand”- Knight Despoiler, Thunderstrike Gauntlet, Thermal Cannon, Meltagun, Ionstorm missile pod
Knight Scion: “Calamity’s Herald” - Knight Tyrant, 2x Twin Siegebreaker Cannons, Shieldbreaker Missiles, Volcano Lance, Plasma Decimator
Knight Scion: “Unified Annihilation”- Knight Desecrator, Reaper Chainsword, Laser Destructor, Heavy Stubber
Knight Scion:  “Carnage Absolute”- Knight Despoiler, Avenger Gatling Cannon, Avenger Gatling Cannon, Twin Icarus Autocannon, Heavy Stubber
Knight Scion: “Withered Worship”- Knight Cerastus, Cerastus Shock Lance, Ion Gauntlet Shield
Armiger Squire: “The Beast Awoken” - Wardog, Thermal Spear, Reaper Chain Cleaver, Meltagun
Armiger Squire: “Hatred Unending” - Wardog, Thermal Spear, Reaper Chain Cleaver, Meltagun
Armiger Squire: “First Fallen”- Wardog, Thermal Spear, Reaper Chain Cleaver, Heavy Stubber
Armiger Squire: “Twisted One” - Wardog, 2x Wardog Autocannon, Meltagun
Armiger Squire: “Joyous Destruction”- Wardog, 2x Wardog Autocannon, Heavy Stubber
Armiger Squire: “Retribution Inescapable” - Wardog, Thermal Spear, Reaper Chain Cleaver, Heavy Stubber

Knight House: House Aeternum (An Infernal splinter Household originating from House Winterveil)

Guardians, Sentinels, those set to stand guard, many such Knight Banners were once deployed across the vast space of the Ultima Segmentum; however, the Great Rift saw fit to lift these guardians from their ever-vigilant watch. What was once nothing than the heretical dreams of those forgotten guardians have blossomed into a great and terrible force. For House Aeternum is a gathering ground for all the lost, for all the dammed, and for the forgotten. There rests only one creed among the fallen pilots of House Aeternum “victory through carnage, glory through obliteration”.

Owner: William S.
Location: Florida, USA


Rocking some serious firepower there.

The whole gang is here.

For the Emp- *squish*

Love the scene it's telling.  You can hear the squish coming as this guy gets punted.

And a Lancer to top it all off.

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  1. Nicely done, they look like heraldic Knights now truly fallen into disrepair and despair