Monday, 18 March 2019

KS0022 - The Princes’ Court, Vassal Knights of Legio Fureans

"Today's banner is another banner supporting the Legio Fureans.  Well painted and ready for action.  These stand ready to protect the god engines of their masters" - TOC

Banner Name: The Princes' Court 

Seneschal: Prince Blackmaine

Knight Seneschal: Cerastus Knight-Castigator
Knight Scion: Questoris class Warden, Reaper Chainsword, Avenger Gatling Canon, Heavy flamer, Meltagun
Knight Scion: Questoris class Warden, Reaper Chainsword, Avenger Gatling Canon, Heavy flamer, Meltagun
Knight Errant: Armiger Warglave, Reaper chain-cleaver, thermal spear
Knight Errant: Armiger Warglave, Reaper chain-cleaver, thermal spear

Knight House: Vassal Knights of Legio Fureans

Titan Allies: Reaver 2043. Warhound Mars-5191

Owner: Yann H

Location: Niort; France

The Princes' Court is the first of three Banners of the Knights of Fureans. While King Blakmaine leads the Titans and other ground forces, the Prince (or first in succession to the throne) has total autonomie over the Knightly Hosts of the Knights of Fureans.