Wednesday, 18 April 2018

KS0007 - Banner Calculo, House Taranis

"The seventh brave Knight Scion, Leading Nine Formidable Knights, is the Mighty Sir Rene-Philippe G. of House Taranis, The First and Foremost Knight House in the Imperium of Man  So far all our knights are from different households." - Titan Owners Club

Banner Name: Banner Calculo

Seneschal: Lord Commander Telum Calculo

Knight Seneschal: Cerastus Knight Atropos “Omnissiah Malleo” – Atropos Lascutter & Graviton Singularity Cannon

Knight Arbalaster Baron: Knight Crusader “Silver Cog” – Rapid fire Battle Cannon, Avenger Gatling Gun, Melta gun, Stormspear Rocket Pod

Knight Auchteller: Cerastus Knight Castigator “Decertator” – Castigator-pattern bolt cannon & Castigator Power Sword

Knight Scion: Knight Paladin “ Red Sorrow “ – Rapid-Fire battle cannon & Reaper Chainsword

Knight Scion: Knight Errant “Blade of Mars” – Reaper Chainsword & Thermal cannon

Knight Scion : Knight Warden “Vindex Ferrum “ – Avenger Gatling Gun & Thunderstrike Guntlet

Knight Scion Dolorous: Knight Galant “ Forge’s Chaplain “ – Reaper Chainsword & Thunderstrike Guntlet

Knight House: House Taranis: 

Titan Allies: No titan for now, but in the plan. It will be pre-heresy Legio Tempestus (TOC Col.Hertford - My Favorite my good Sir) for certain to keep with the Mars theme. 

Owner: Rene-Philippe G.

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Comments: My knight are orientated to play Horus Heresy, I love the fact that most of them have special title to accompany them with special painting on them.

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  1. Lovely Banner, nice variation of the basic scheme throughout, must paint mine soon... oh no, Warlord first ;)