Thursday, 3 December 2020

KS0033 - The Emperor's Halo, Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum

Banner Name: The Emperor's Halo

Seneschal: High King Lucius Darius

Knight Seneschal: High King Lucius Darius riding Dominus Castellan 'Adamant Wrath'
Knight Baron: Baron Tybalt riding Questoris Warden 'Triumphal'
Knight Scion: Countess Joscelin riding Dominus Valiant 'Iron God'
Knight Scion: Sir Geraint riding Cerastus Castigator 'Heretics Bane'
Knight Scion: Alpha Augreus Vladimus riding Mechanicum Cerastus Atrapos 'Ryh-83'
Knight Scion: Sir Selwyn riding Questoris Crusdaer 'Honour Intractable'
Knight Scion: Sir Greigor riding Questoris Paladin 'Oathkeeper'
Knight Scion: Sir Olwyn riding Questoris Paladin 'Honoured Vigilance'
Knight Scion: Sir Taurus riding Questoris Gallant 'Carnivore'
Knight Scion: Lady Natanya riding Questoris Errant 'Gloria Fury'
Armiger Squire: Knave Izrael riding Warglaive 'Bane of Iron'
Armiger Squire: Knave Balthazar riding Warglaive 'Unalloyed Victus'
Armiger Squire: Knave Luxious riding Helverin 'Fury of Thaemar'
Armiger Squire: Lady Irmaa riding Helverin 'War Strider'
Armiger Squire: Lady Melandra riding Helverin 'Blue Jackal'

Freeblade: Gerantius riding Questoris Errant 'The Forgotten Knight'
Freeblade: Sir Hekhtur the Chainbreaker riding Questoris Preceptor 'Canis Rex'
Custodes Indentured Knight: Sir Hestor riding Questoris Errant 'Imperius Rex'

Knight House: Vassal Knights of Titan Legio Astorum
Titan Allies: Warlord (104); Reaver (10); Reaver (2576); Warhound (10); Warhound (2974); Warhound (4189)
Owner: Princeps Seniores Siph (TOC Admin)
Location: Hampshire, UK

Comments: These are the scouts and vanguard for the Legio Astorum Maniple 'The Emperor's Halo, consisting of an Axiom Maniple with Warlord 'Dominus Victoria' at its head. The names were all generated from the Engine War supplement Imperial Knights Name Generator.

Sir Greigor 'Oathkeeper' and Knaves Izrael 'Bane of Iron' and Balthazar 'Unalloyed Victus' scouting with The Emperor's Halo Maniple of Legio Astorum
Armiger Helverins 'Fury of Thaemar', 'War Strider' and 'Blue Jackal'
Knave Izrael riding 'Bane of Iron' escorting Canis Bellum
Armigers 'Bane of Iron and 'Unalloyed Victus'
Sir Olwyn in 'Honoured Vigilance'
Countess Joscelin in Dominus Valiant 'Iron God'
Freeblade Gerantius, The Forgotten Knight
Indentured Custodes Knight Sir Hestor in 'Imperius Rex' (with Shapeways kit extras on GW Knight Errant)
Sir Greigor in 'Oathkeeper'
High King Lucius Darius in Dominus Castellan 'Adamant Wrath'
Warlord 'Dominus Victoria' alongside its mini-twin Dominus Castellan 'Adamant Wrath'
Sir Selwyn in 'Honour Intractable'
Alpha Augreus Vladimus riding Mechanicum Cerastus Atrapos 'Ryh-83'
Knight Warden Baron Tybalt in 'Triumphal'
Knight Errant Lady Natanya in 'Gloria Fury'

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