Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Mars Warhound AWOC2 - Excoriator Angeli, Legio Ulricon

Certificate Number: AWOC2
Titan Name: Excoriator Angeli, Former Imperial Designation:  Excoriator Hostem
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warhound Titan
Primary Armament: Plasma Blastgun and Double-Barrelled Turbo Laser Destructor. 
Alternative Armament: Inferno Gun and Vulcan Mega Bolter
Princeps: Drachnin cel Arenis
Titan Legio: Legio Ulricon
Demi Legio: Demi Legio Odium
Battle Maniple Composition: None

Owner: Karl T
Location: California, USA
Comments: Excoriator Angeli is a survivor of the Thramas Cusade of the Night Lords VIII Legio Astartes and other Traitor forces against the Dark Angels, late M31. Its landing carrier was heavily damaged in the ensuing space battle, but the titan itself remained relatively undamaged. Still docked in its deployment pod and adrift in open space, it was salvaged by returning ships of the 47th Company Night Lords. Excoriator Angeli has served with the 47th Company and its accompanying armada ever since, being deployed sporadically during large scale operations. Its current princeps, Drachnin cel Arenis, was assigned to the titan in 787M40 by the Heretechs from the renegade Forge World Harial. No other titans from its demi-legion are known to have survived the Thramas Crusade massacre. Imperial records of the Warhound are known to exist, it having been spotted and identified on several worlds surrounding the Maelstrom warp anomaly. It’s official Imperial designation is:
++ Excoriator Hostem // | 4th scout titan of the 3rd hunter maniple ++
++ Legio Ulricon | Demi Legio Odium ++
++ Known current designations | The Angel Flayer // The Swordbreaker // The Reaper of Fear ++
++ reputed to fight alongside | VIII Legio Astartes Night Lords 47th company \ The Night's Reapers ++
++ Excommunicate Traitoris ++



Magnetised weapon options

Fantastic Internal detail. Very talented painter.

An incredible Engine, painted with lots of clear love for the hobby. Well Done - TOC.

Work in Progress shots:

Additional information about the building and painting of the titan:
The titan is heavily magnetized with N48 magnets of various sizes:
·         the six spikes to the hull;
·         the legs to the base (including a magnet inside the dreadnought;
·         the pelvis to the upper body;
·         the cockpit carapace to the cockpit;
·         the enginarium carapace to the main hull;
·         the four weapon options and their two mounts; and
·         the void shields to the hull.
All parts have been pinned in place and glued using UHU PLUS Schnellfest 2-K-Epoxi Glue. Details have been glued with Zap-A-Gap Medium CA+ glue.
Painting the main colours has been done by airbrush, using Vallejo Model Air paints.
The gold trim and details have been done with Vallejo Liquid Old Gold as a base colour, then a wash with Army Painted Strong Tone, and finally a light drybrush with GW Boltgun Metal. Further details are mostly painted using Games Workshop, Vallejo Game Colour, Vallejo Model Colour, and Army Painter paints and washes.

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  1. Simply masterful work. A gorgeous Titan. My 30k night lords would be honored to march with such a death engine.