Monday, 7 September 2015

New Warlord Titan Head. Warhammer World Exclusive.


On the Forge World Bulletin we have just been shown that there will be a stunning Mars-(something) pattern head coming out, and that it will be a Warhammer World Forge World Store exclusive product. That is a pretty awesome thing for us in the UK. 

Our first sighting of it at an event. 

I am heading to Warhammer World on the 03rd and 17th. Any international Owners club members can contact me @ our email address. I would be happy to do you chaps and chapettes a favour (for RRP + Postage), depending on how many I can grab. 

Drake Seta


  1. Now if only I had the initial 2k to afford the basic model, I could afford to be jealous. :p

    At least I'm picking up a Warhound soon.

    1. That's good. Picking it up at an event?

    2. Is the offer only for international members?

    3. Nope. First come first serve.

    4. Count me in for one then please, you have me personal email address, can you email me the details.