Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Reaver Titan No.10 - Honorum, Legio Astorum

Certificate Number: 0010
Titan Name: Honorum
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver Titan
Head Unit: N/A
Primary Armament: R.Arm: Battle Titan Laser Blaster / Carapace: Apocalypse Missile Launcher or Dual Turbolaser Destructor / L.Arm: Battle Titan Gatling Blaster or Titan Power Fist or Battle Titan Volcano Cannon
Princeps: +++CLASSIFIED+++
Titan Legio: Legio Astorum
Battle Maniple Composition: The Emperors Halo: Warlord (104); Reaver (10); Reaver (2576); Warhound (10); Warhound (2974); Warhound (3615); Warhound (4189)

Owner: Princeps Seniores Siph (TOC Admin)
Location: Hampshire, UK
Comments: Painted by Slayer Sword Winner Richard Gray. Banner by Ron at From The Warp Blog. More Photos and battle reports found at

As a regular TOC Walk participant, my Reaver has undergone a refit more befitting of a Titan Vs Titan match-up, Dual Turbo Laser Destructors on the Carapace, and a Reaver Volcano Cannon in place of the Gatling Blaster.

Reaver no 10!!

Superbly painted by Richard Gray

To combat the foe that Honorum usually faces, she has had an armament upgrade.




A gorgeous engine. Thanks for sharing it.

Titan Owners Club.


  1. Wow, wonderful designs on those eclipses. Are they freehand or are they stencils or somesuch?

  2. The black disc was masked off with the halo sprayed over the masking, once removed the brightest part was then sprayed.

  3. Siph, this engine is nothing short of beautiful. I've looked at this entry a number of times but for some reason this time around the internal a really caught me. Having tried to do something similar with the computer screens I am jealous of how these turned out. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Glad to help, Richard Gray Slayer Sword winner painted these for me!

  4. Very nice Engine - really impressed too by the freehand artwork on the banners. Professional job!

    1. Banner was by Ron from 'From the Warp' blog, now defunct, but a good resource still.