Friday, 4 September 2015

Reaver Titan No392 - Ardua Dominus Mortem, Legio Astraman

Certificate Number: 392
Titan Name: Ardua Dominus Mortem
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver
Variant: Goth
Head Unit: None
Primary Armament: 2 x Apocalypse Launchers, carapace mounted turbo laser destructor
Princeps: Argo Agrippa
Titan Legio: Astraman
Demi Legio: TBN (Loyalists)
Battle Maniple Composition: Reaver 392, Reaver 990, Warhound 851

Owner: King Fluff
Location: Staffordshire, England
Comments: A developing Legio which will hopefully be joined by a Warlord at Christmas 2016

Work in Progress:

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  1. I love this armament, very reminiscent of the original AT.