Saturday, 5 September 2015

Reaver Titan No878 - Morte Dormitat, Legio Praetor

Certificate Number: 878
Titan Name: “Morte Dormitat” (Aka Cadbury)
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver
Primary Armament: Melta cannon, Laser blaster & Double-barrelled turbo-laser destructor.
Princeps: Appius Gratius Mutilus
Titan Legio: Legio Praetor
Demi Legio: Battlegroup Alpha
Battle Maniple Composition: Mars Pattern Warhound 2624 & Mars-Alpha Warlord 172
Owner: David B
Location: Worcestershire, UK.
Comments: Its name translates to “Death that slumbers”.
The carapace weapon is magnetised to allow removal and changing if desired.

Legio Praetor motto - "Mortem et victoriam de longe." (Death and victory from

Notable Kills:
‘Steel Fury’ Baneblade Company + escorting Shadowsword.
Imperial Knight ‘Exalted court’.
1 x Vendetta (Close combat, imagine smacked it with its gun.)


Great job on the internals.

 Well worn and weathered internals.

brilliant melta cannon and Twin Turbo laser conversions to add a bit of individuality.

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  1. Glad to see the Vendetta kill noted. That pilot, assuming he survived, will think twice before flying so close in the future.