Thursday, 1 October 2015

Warlord Titan No85 - Hyacintho Ignis, Legio Ignis

Certificate Number: 85
Titan Name: Hyacintho Ignis: The Sun Eater
Pattern: Mars-Alpha
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha
Primary Armament: 2 Belicosa Volcano Cannons, 2 Warlord Laser Blasters
Princeps: Atticus Dross
Titan Legio: Legio Ignis 
Demi Legio: Ignis
Battle Maniple Composition: ++RECORD NOT FOUND++

Owner: Alex H
Location: Georgia, USA
Comments: Assembled and painted by Branden at Smells Like Wargaming (
Photos: All Photos you may have of this Titan (and Demi Legio / Skitarii Warhost), during any and every stage of it's construction, painting (including paint guide if you wish), showcase pictures (preferably against a white wall etc) and Battle Pictures.


This is one of the most Technical Warlord Titans I have see to this point. It is a work of art and the painter is incredibly talented. If you wish to contact him for a commission: 

A close up on the flame technique.

 Great detailing and text.

That is something new! great work.

Stunning brass work on this Engine.

A great scenic base.

Work in Progress:
 You know you have enough Resin when you can fill a bath with it, Until then the Wife's moaning can easily be ignored :) - T.O.C.

Thanks For sharing - Titan Owners Club


  1. This is one of my favorite Warlords. Really great painting technique! I'd love to see more of your work!

    1. Hey thanks Dan! I post my work regularly over at I also have an Instagram, Twitter, and Blogger account I post on!

      Smells Like Wargaming

    2. Will check it out! In fact, I've already started! You are immensely talented, really eye popping work!