Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Mars Warhound No3639 - Titus Vermundo, Legio Ignatum

Certificate Number: Mars Issue Certificate No. 3639
Titan Name: Titus Vermundo
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warhound Titan 
Primary Armament: Turbo Laser and Plasma Blastgun
Princeps: Vanessa von Ildefons IV
Titan Legio: Legio Ignatum- Fire Wasps
Demi Legio: TBD
Battle Maniple Composition: None yet

Owner: Kaia G.
Location: Oslo, Norway
Comments: Titus Vermundo have been a precious asset for the imperial cause for quite some time. Often assigned with the Cadian 501st Foreign legion on their daring endeavours to make the galaxy a more Imperial place. Recently deployed to the Faust sector to help the 501st reclaim the abandoned forge world of Nolan from treacherous marines and slithering Tyranids. Along with the titan comes the wrath of The Red planet: Mars Skitarii, cult of the Machine god and the Knight House Taranis to reap the arcane secrets from the dusty planet. 

Most noteworthy feat to date: 
During the daring battle for Warrens End facing off against swarms of Tyranids, Necrons and dark eldar, Titus Vermundo took on the biggest alien threat on the battle field, the mighty Hierophan Bio-Titan and rendered it a smoking pile of flesh and bones in a single successfull array of shooting. Vermundo survived the battle, taking only one hull point.

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Beautiful looking engine, and plenty of support to keep her safe.

The fierce combat at Warren's End

Titus Vermundo sizing up her kill and aiming.

Earning battle honours at Krast

Painting and Assembly:

The Tech-Priest diligently working to make Titus Vermundo war ready.

Ready to be armed as she is receiving her heraldry.

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  1. Loving the chevrons. Very nice and tidy.

    1. Very clean paint job, and very sharp as well. She stands out on the field and she looks mean for it, too. Beautiful engine.