Friday, 19 February 2016

Update Warlord Titan No58, Bone Garland 19/02/2016

Hello all and welcome to our 100th Post! Cake!!!!

Today features an Update of my own Engine of Legio Mortis: Bone Garland. Bone Garland has been on the back burner for a while now due to a Pre-Knight Errant Nathaniel Garro (and family problems!)

Anyway. Have a look at how he currently stands.

Update 19/02/2016:

Up to date

Forge World's impressive Titan Transfers are applied. The Legio Mortis Shoulder split Icons require more cutting than I imagined but I am pleased with the result.

Transfer day

As I wanted black shields to go with the big red pads, this would be a problem as one of the shield decals is mostly black. I decided to enter a cut and merge process to get them looking how I wanted. I will gloss theses eventually so should not still see the decal edges.

I also really wanted to use the emblazoned decals (even though I do personally prefer the solid white ones.

The transfers are a way from being complete, but you should get a jist of what they will look like.

Pads on to party.

There will be two head options. one Mars-Alpha (black) and one Mars-Beta (white). Hopefully the one I like the most will represent Bone Garland and the other I will use to represent another Engine in the Bloodmire War Maniple.

Looking forward to his first walk, but still a way to go

Titan Owners Club.


  1. Looking Amazing Drake, glad you made more progress and worth all the effort, it is a sweet Engine. Loving the black base for the transfers, really lifts the details and inspires me to continue with Dominus Victoria build... still going slow.

    1. Any progress is good progress Siph. And we'll gladly show off any progress you give us.

    2. Hi Siph, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress too!

  2. looking great Drake, I'll hopefully have an update on Bellator Ferrea. Also a new Titan build 'Spiritus enim victoria' (Sprit of Victory) will be more than a dream soon...

  3. Looking great. Great blacks and reds. I really like the shoulder mounted weapons and the decals look great, fantastic use of them. I hope they release decals for my Legion soon.

    1. Cheers BigJon. Which Legio is that?

    2. Big Jon is another Tempestus fan. I recommend checking out his build at Two Titans