Saturday, 12 March 2016

Mars Warhound No4190 - Invicti Magnus, Legio Astorum

Certificate number: 4190
Titan Name: Invicti Magnus
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warhound
Primary Armament: Mars Pattern Turbo Laser and Mars Pattern Plasma Blastgun 
Princeps: Unknown
Titan Legio: Legio Astorum
Maniple: MRT2609, MWH4190, MWH4283
Owner: Grayson C.
Location: Idaho, United States of America
Comments: Expect communication from Titan Multa Nimis in the near future.

A few photos show me starting the work for this exemplary machine. I am eager to continue work on it, and hope to join the group to share my progress.

Thus do we invoke the Machine God.
Thus do we make whole that which was sundered.


Work in Progress:


Very good pose going.


Love the base and good use of the Skitarii.

Engine up to date as of 20/5/16

Titan Owners Club

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  1. Very nice Grayson! Our Warhounds shall purge the heretics together!