Friday, 20 May 2016

Update Warhound No4190- Invicti Magnus, 20/5/16


Yes, we are having fun with this.  His actual post to us is below. - TOC

++Incoming Transmission++

Input authentication code
>>Authentication confirmed
>>Ranger Task Force 3 Delta report as follows

Sector 5 cleared of enemies. Prior reports of Imperial held strong point are inaccurate. It was only a refugee center. 1 survivor from an enemy raid. Titan Invicti Magnus secured the surrounding area. Returning to Forward Operations post 3561C.

++End transmission++

"So it's been a while, but here is my Warhound all cleaned and built. Priming and painting will follow after I finish the basing."


Very good pose going.


Love the base and good use of the Skitarii.

Awesome work and loving the base and the update text - TOC


  1. As I've said, Grayson, great looking piece! Really liking your base!

  2. The base looks good. It ties in a Titan with the idea of Titan Guard and shows the rare amount of humanity left in the Skitarii warriors. I'm definitely itching to see how it all comes out when painted, especially the base.

  3. Basing has always been my favorite. I loved the idea of doing a massive scale base for a Titan, and wanted to tie in a bit of humanity to the defenders of the imperium. Next I'm working on the textures and battle damage.

    1. You expect the cold an impassive out of the Mechanicus' servants. Nothing but logic and cold efficiency. It's easy to forget that the Skitarii are granted a very mild measure of their own thoughts and humanity when a Tech Priest isn't controlling them directly. You've done well to show that they still have that small shred. It brings a human element to what would otherwise be a man-machine killing machine.

      Where is the "survivor" as you termed it, from? Definitely metal, but not a model I recognize. Plans to add anything like strewn out body parts or crushed corpses?

    2. Oh I'm already ripping up guardsmen and cultist models. The metal girl is from called Billie the hunted if I remember.

    3. Humanity? No, they just can't let good source material for servitors go to waste!
      *reclaim organic source material*

  4. Thanks for the nice comments by the way. :)

  5. Looking good- I really like the base and the little story it tells! Nice work!

  6. Good looking base there, suits the Titans posse very well!