Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Update Reaver No1862 - Dominus Caedis, 21-6-16

Richard passed on some great news recently in that his Reaver Titan, Dominus Caedis, has seen some impressive work done on it.  He also shared some rusting tips:

"I have more updates on my Titan, Dominus Caedis.  Still working on weathering and edging for the leg and foot armour, as well as cleaning up the weathering on the upper armour and reducing the brightness of the rust. Only just started blocking in the weapons. Leaving the internal crew of the Titan till last, and am planning to make a turbo laser blaster carapace weapon as well as the missile launcher. 

The rust is actually GW's Ryza Rust over Typhus Corrosion in some places, others its the Ryza Rust mixed with Agrax Earthshade in a small amount to thin it and darken it."


Very beautiful work on the shoulder guards.

Rust and decay all around.

The Titan is coming together quite well.

The weaponry is being started on.

Lots of good progress, looking very good. - TOC

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  1. Awesome tip on the rust. I think I am going to kitbash some Death Guard termies from the blightkings box, and I've been messing about with rust and corrosion. I like the idea of using the wash to darken the RR some!

    Also, nice progress on the Titan! It's really coming along!