Thursday, 11 August 2016

Reaver Titan No1901 - Flame of Ruin, Legio Suturvora

Titan Name: Flame of Ruin
Status: Completed
Pattern: Mars
Primary Armament: Chainfist, Melta cannon, Laser Blaster
Princeps: Akurion II
Titan Legio: Legio Suturvora
Maniple Composition: Warhound Titan No4640, Warhound Titan No4628. 

Owner: Kim S
Location: Simrishamn, Sweden
Comments: None


Walk pictures:

Some action shots of Flame of Ruin
"I hade a Game vs my friend and my Rever walked again!
2018 08 21
30k Legio Cybernetica vs. Taghmata Omnissiah"

"Last year my Reaver titan walk in a game on the 30kchannel! "
That is a beautiful sight to see. Congratulations Kim.



The Rite of Construction is ready to commence.

The weapons stand ready to bring ruin to the Titan's foes.

The magnetization work that will be key to being able to swap weapons commences.

The pose takes shape, and there is quite a lovely carapace weapon conversion that has been well done.

The Titan is mostly assembled and the Rite of Colors begins!

Always ensure the safety of a Titan in transit, even in its macro transporter.


Superb progress, and the Reaver is nearly ready for war

Work in progress update 27/12/2016:

I think the detail on the chains is awesome.

Great Metallic colours

 I am really impressed with the flames. Were they done free hand or with stencil?

Great weathering and a fantastic paint job.

Completed Pics
Beautiful Engines. A great looking Maniple (begging for a Warlord now)

Here are some battle pictures:

All three of Kim's titans were ready for the 17th of December for the Avarii Cluster phase IV. 

Titans, Word Bearers, Daemons and World Eaters Vs Raven guard, iron Hands + Knights, Salamanders + Knights and Dark Angels

12k a side apocalypse battle that will round up the Avarii Cluster Campaign.


  1. You weren't fooling around when you decided to build out Legio Suturvora, were you? I'm looking forward to seeing them walk.

    1. Thank you! No i took the chance with the bundle from FW! I also bought weapons so i have Lasers too mount on all arms, even bought the primus readoubt for the laser cannon! Need too buy one more inferno cannon for fluff reasons.

    2. Awesome! I have a feeling this is going to turn out really well, and I'm psyched to see some paint on these guys.

      Side note, one of your countrymen has a fantastic maniple consisting of two hounds and a Reaver: have a look at Legio Northern Ghosts. His work is fantastic overall, but I'm particularly amazed by the poses / stances he used!

    3. Oh yeah LNG is awesome, as you say cool poses and great painting! I just sent in some additional info, some Princeps names and Primary armerment. This project is going to take awhile, i have two compitions coming up is painting franticly too complete my Fraxenii. Does not help i changed half the army comp and got stuck paintong 82 new models! Haha! :) so this project is a "love/life time" project and i am letting it take some time! :)

    4. Looking forward to seeing the updates. Progress is always a good thing. And there's nothing wrong with taking time to get a Titan right. Titans should always look their best and very much reward patience when they hit the table looking grand.