Sunday, 25 September 2016

Update Warhound No. 2764 - Canticum Malitiae, 25/09/16

Update 25/09/2016. 

I have been working hard on my Two Warhounds recently and so I thought I would post an update for Canticum Malitiae. 

Legs were sprayed with Leadbelcher spray over chaos Black. 

Tamiya Brass was used for all of the banding. Mithril Silver was used for the Pistons too. I painted Warplock on the hydraulic housings which were then drybrushed up with Runelord Brass. 

Seething Hunter with Canticum Malitiae. 

I sprayed the whole Torso Chaos Black then went up to Leadbelcher (taking care to mask the rear generator panels so they stay black for now. 

I also masked up the left shin pad. Looking at Betrayal, it seems that the markings are pack markings for the three Warhounds in the Maniple. So I decided to do them all the same with up turned V markings. I believe the Pack in Betrayal have straight Diagonal markings so wanted to differentiate my Engines from those. 

Canticum Malitiae has a white visage so I will probably give her a black chassis to compliment it. The two exhaust housings will be red. 

Both Engines have had the under paint rust cracked effect added, so not long until they are sprayed with reds.



  1. They're fantastic! What a lucky dad you are to have such twins.

  2. Sweet, love the under rust effects

  3. Apologies for the idiot comment but I'd like to buy myself a Warhound and wondered how much of a fight it is to put together. My experience with Forgeworld has been the Thanatar as the biggest model and I found the fiddly bits (pistons, warped legs) a PITB to put together - mostly because they didn't fit. Is the Warhound an equal pain or somewhat better?

    1. It's a bit of a pain but not too bad to be honest. The Pistons at the top of the legs which attach to the main groin piece are something you need to ensure you get right (lots of dry testing with extra hands maybe).
      I used JB Weld and Superglue (no pinning which most people gasp and shudder at).

    2. Measure twice, then measure agian. Then cut once as well...

      I was building mine before I discovered JB weld. Now it's pretty much essential for the reaver and Warlord.

    3. Hey Peg, I was kind of freaked to try the Warhoubd out, but quite honestly I wound up really enjoying the build process. The toe pistons all have to be measured and cut to length - the price we pay for the immense pose ability of the legs. But quite honestly if you have the right tools, the model itself makes sense and is a lot of fun to build.

      I would recommend a dremmel or other rotary tool and I would highly recommend two part epoxy like JB weld instead of superglue. There were a couple moments I had during building where things almost went pear shaped (when I realized the main body all needed to go together at once for a solid fit halfway through gluing just the back part for example) but lots and lots of dry fitting will go a long way towards alleviating nasty surprises.

      All in all, I thought it was a lot of fun, but it was definitely a step up in terms of time and complexity from anything I had done previously.

  4. Great progress, looking forward to the next installment!

  5. Drake, awesome work on these! Lovely creamy white on the head, and your gold work is superb. I am really looking forward to seeing the Demi-legio walk! I have to admit, as much kinship as I feel with other Titan builders in general, I feel a particular mutual spirit with those who have chosen Legio Mortis!

    1. The future is bright, the future is Mortis :)
      I'm the same. There is something about this Legio which just fascinates me. They seem dark and kind of arrogant.
      There is a Legio Mortis Facebook Page too.