Sunday, 5 March 2017

Reaver Titan No.1947 - Unknown, Legio Astorum

Certificate Number: 1947
Titan Name: Unknown
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver Titan
Primary Armament: Titan Powerfist, Reaver Titan Volcano Cannon, Reaver Apocalypse missile launcher 
Princeps: Classified
Titan Legio: Legio Astorum (Warp Runners) 
Battle Maniple Composition: Warhound Cert’ number 4287

Owner: John H.
Location: Wiltshire, UK
Comments: Shortly after getting a Warhound I got a Reaver Titan. Can’t wait to get a Warlord.


A fine Engine

The Reaver has been equipped with a Volcano Cannon and Power Fist

Well painted, with lovely smooth coats

A very nice dynamic pose too. I think the right leg forward whilst the Titan is aiming to fire adds to the feel of the engine and offsets the inactive fist well.

a decent level of detail too,

Titan Owners Club


  1. Beautiful job mate, Reaver Honorum says Hi. Loving your Maniple

  2. Thank you. It's just a shame they spend so much time on the shelf.

    1. I know! Mine sit in the display cabinet too much.

    2. I think we all feel shame at how often our lovely God-Engines spend so much time on display rather than gaming. :(

      Nice job on your Titans.

  3. Nice work - again really clean painting!

    I feel the same way about getting a warlord but it's going to have to wait a bit!

  4. What blue and yellow did you use. Also how did you write the lettering any info would be great