Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Update WLT326- Avatar Belli, 14-7-17

Paolo passed on some good news that the Belicosa Volcano Cannon on his Warlord is now completed.  Pretty soon we'll see the Rite of Colours on the Warlord itself at this pace.


Very lovely color choices and a lot of beautiful weathering work.

The weapon cowl stands out without being dominating.

Great use of weathering on the back.

We look forward to seeing progess on this already lovely engine- TOC


  1. I try to keep my comments "family friendly" but daaaaaaaaaamn dude. That looks so good. Can you share your process for doing the metal? I really love the shades of brown and am curious how you did those - airbrush seraphim and Agrax inks maybe? And the bright silver as the barrel dovetails in a bit. This looks really good, and I would love to know more about your process. Thanks for sharing, sir!

    1. Hi Dan, thank you for your words. The process for the metal is pretty easy. I start with a chaos black primer. Then I drybrush with metal color from Vallejo model air range. You need to be a bit careful in this step because tou need to keep some areas absolutely without color (very deep recesses and some part tou want to color with other colors). The dry brush itself is with a very small amount of color. Try to avoid streaks of the brush to appear. Take your time and make even three or four passage. Try to achieve a good even color. Once you have it, tou can use a dark brown to make the brown areas. Tey to not exceed. I try to do it only on the part that I think are subject to heat or rust. The last step is to use black paint. Use it only a bit and very diluited with a paint thinner. I use it in the most deep recesses or on the parts I suppose are very hot!
      Hope it will help you.

    2. Thank you very much for the detailed explanation! It looks great - I am starting an Ordinatus soon and may very well try some of these techniques out after a bit of practice!

      Really lovely work overall - the blue and yellow are both rich and really pop and you've heard what I think about the metallic bits already.

      Thanks again for sharing this lovely God engine and your techniques!

  2. I second Dan's comments, great stuff

  3. Very nice weathering indeed! If only I could have done the same!

  4. Hi guys, thanks for your comments. I've replied to Dan's question if you are interested in the metal technique.