Sunday, 12 March 2017

Update WLT418 - Celestial Wrath, 12-3-17

We recently received an update from Robert on Celestial Wrath that now sees the mighty Warlord completed.  Congratulations on finishing the Warlord journey!  Here's what he had to say:

"Updated pictures for my Warlord. 

It has served in two large battles so far. No foe has prevailed against it. Its Volcano and Sunfury cannons removing hordes of xenos abominations in a single volley." 


The Warlord stands tall and proud, ready to fight.

Alternate views of the battle Titan ready for war.

Very lovely head and heraldry work.

The back of the mighty war engine was as well painted as the front.

An excellent war engine.  Well done!


  1. Very crisp and clean. A very beautiful engine indeed.

  2. Beautiful job mate, great colours

  3. Great looking Titan, I can't help thinking of this though....

  4. Very nice and crisp color work, and love the thinly veiled reference to boot@

  5. Looks awesome mate! I love the contrast between the bone and the bright bold colors. The lines are so crisp and the paintjob is really clean. Thank you so muc hfor sharing this!